‘Little Women’ released! How Greta Gerwig reimagined Louisa May Alcott’s much loved classic

Swapna Raghu Sanand
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Gear up to sit back and enjoy Greta Gerwig’s refreshing new adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s much loved classic "Little Women." The Wall Street Journal has described Greta Gerwig’s adaptation as the ‘Best Film of the Year’. The book, since its publication, has never stopped going into reprints across the globe, never ceasing to delight its loyal readers and fan followers.

Renowned writer and filmmaker Greta Gerwig has made her mark with path-breaking films such as ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Frances Ha.’ Her much-anticipated adaptation of "Little Women" and its release on December 25 has already sent the book’s loyal readers into a tizzy.

As most readers ‘Little Women’ can attest, the story of the March sisters, particularly Jo March, is not one that can easily be fitted into a short span of a movie.

While Greta Gerwig’s innovations are bound to interest moviegoers, the challenges before her are plenty. Notably, each character in Louisa May Alcott’s novel has to be brought to life on screen, No wonder, Greta Gerwig’s version is creating a great buzz among avid readers of ‘Little Women.’

A striking mention of Greta Gerwig’s adaptation pertains to how she has piqued the reader’s curiosity by looking at Alcott’s personality while in the process of writing this book. We find traces of ‘Jo March’ in the way Alcott is portrayed as a writer far ahead of her times, not only because she stayed single but due to her conscious choices to make bold yet different choices such as volunteering as a nurse during the Civil War.

With ‘Little Women’, Greta Gerwig has uniquely shown the world, not just the story of the enchanting March sisters, but a fascinating account of Louisa May Alcott as one of the boldest feminist voices in American storytelling and fiction.

‘Little Women’, in its latest cinematic avatar, is a heartwarming celebration of a truly beautiful and much loved American family and more importantly, the progressive spirit of its writer, a woman far ahead of her times and yet taught generations of little girls across the world to dream, to speak and to ask questions without fear, just as Jo March did.

Perhaps Greta Gerwig summed it up best when she said in one of her interviews, "She (Jo March) has always been with me."

Clearly, most "Little Women’ loyalists are sure to agree!