Liv Tyler Birthday Special: A Look at Her Uber Cool and Effortless Fashion Attempts (View Pics)

Team Latestly

While Liv Tyler's birthday is a reason enough for us to start The Lord of the Rings marathon, it's about time we start praising her sartorial skills. The Incredible Hulk is often praised for her movie choices but seldom do we hear anyone admiring her red carpet attempts. Tyler has been silently wooing your hearts over the decades and her fashion appearances have always been in sync with the new and upcoming trends. It's time we glorify what a fashionista she has been and also take a moment to appreciate her amazing styling abilities. Nicole Kidman Birthday Special: A 'Bombshell' Whose List of Hobbies Includes Taking the Fashion World by Storm (View Pics).

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Tyler's a prolific dresser, ruling the red carpet, one outfit at a time. While she continues her obsession with Givenchy, there are times when she decides to pick a simple Stella McCartney dress over anything else. Blessed with a tall and athletic frame, Tyler is a perfect muse for any designer. Her maternity wardrobe was equally chic, filled with tons of sophisticated choices and bright colour palette. One look at her style file to date and you would realise her fascination for colours. She's also probably a worshipper of black outfits but she loves playing with different hues equally. Angelina Jolie Birthday Special: A Fashion Czarina Whose Humble Wardrobe is Every Girl's Fantasy (View Pics).

As the pretty woman gets ready to celebrate her special day with so much zeal, we reminisce some of her fab style statements from the recent past. Have a look...

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Chic and Stylish!

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Uber Hot!

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Casting a Black Spell

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Nailing This Givenchy Design

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Rocking Her Maternity Wardrobe

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Flaunting her Love for Stella McCartney

Liv Tyler (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Tyler Looking Stunning in this Givenchy Outfit 

Tyler was an icon in the 90s and she continues to be one today. Being a true blue New Yorker, Tyler's street style is equally impressive and her love for NY is evident through it. She successfully juggled between different design - from being all girlie to casual IT girl. Her style was always casual and effortless.

Tyler's a legacy and an icon in herself and we wish her tons of happiness for the years to come. Happy Birthday!