Live, Non-Profit Humanitarian Organisation, To Give on a Mission To Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

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Not everyone in this world needs a Mercedes to drive, but they do need safe drinking water that does not represent any significant risk to health over a lifetime of consumption. Live To Give is a non-profit humanitarian organization that is inspired by the act of giving. The founders of Live To Give believe to expand one’s life experience, nothing is more fulfilling than one’s capacity to give.

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The organization is on a quest to provide safe drinking water that is pure, wholesome, healthful, and potable. The organization is creating awareness about unsafe water and dirty water wells while providing an avenue to contribute towards high quality, low-cost clean water filtration systems around the world. Live To Give was founded by Taha Rizvi, Fahad Zuberi, and Hassan Lakhani with one mission, “provide safe drinking water to the world”.

Its goal is to provide aid to regions of the world that do not have access to safe drinking water. Live To Give's approach to implementing water projects involves finding a sponsor for water projects and forging partnerships. It involves the community at each stage of the project and selecting technology appropriate to the local community and their particular situation which can be filtration and bore-well, filtration system and bore-well with pump. The organization conducts monitoring, evaluation, and original research programs.

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Live To Give first started serving 11 villages, serving nearly 11,863 villagers and 4 schools. Until recently, almost all water projects facilitated by other nongovernmental organizations have been funded entirely by grants. Live To Give works in partnership with local organisations to help poor communities establish sustainable water supplies, close to home, and to promote safe water practices.

Live To Give was formed on the notion to understand the most basic needs of all humans that need to understood, “Purity is not a luxury but a necessity”. Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right.

There is no question that clean affordable drinking water is essential to the health of our global community. But bottled water is not the answer in the developed world, nor does it solve problems for the 1.1 billion people who lack a secure water supply. Improving and expanding existing water treatment and sanitation systems is more likely to provide safe and sustainable sources of water over the long term.
But above all Live To Give is working on to create a unified purpose towards providing a basic human right. The gift of water saves lives, which is a hugely rewardable action. Contribute or become a part of the Live To Give mission today, you can learn more by clicking the links below.

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