LIVE UPDATES: From Halsey To BTS, Here’s How BigHit Labels Is Giving Us The BEST Start To 2021!

Manjari Mukherjee
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We are almost done with one of the most dreadful year for us which was none other than 2020! New year’s eve is just two days away and everyone is pretty excited to start a new chapter of their life with 2021. But one of the most exciting end to this unfortunate year is for those who are madly in love with the K-pop world!

Yes we are talking about 2021 NYEL (New year eve’s live) label by Bighit and presented by Weverse that will be lightning up our mood as it shall soon begin! The countdown is come to close and we’ve never been more excited than now, for a concert as big as this connecting stage!

Well, the concert is surely going to be a banger as the stage will be lined up with BTS, Bumzu, Lee Hyun, NU’EST, Gfriend, Enhypen, and Tomorrow x together. Not to forget the special guests aka Halsey, Steve Aoki and Lauv, who will also join these pop stars to make the eve more special! THIS is crazy exciting! And, we hope that you stay tuned to this space as PopDiaries, exclusively takes you through the live updates from this much-awaited New Year’s Eve Party!

17:45pm IST, 31st December 2020

Fans are ready to take up their lightsticks and fawn over their idols, as they gear up for the biggest and power-packed concert! Well, while we await the begining of the new year, we hope fans get the chance to enjoy their new year’s eve, even as they spend it in the safe haven of their homes in this pandemic!

P.S: Don’t Forget To Scream The Names And The Fanchants Of Your Favorite Idols The Loudest!

<strong>ENHYPEN <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

17 HOURS AGO: ENHYPEN Sets Stage On Fire!

Now, That’s definitely some powerful introduction to the most awaited New Year’s Eve Party! Powering up the stage with an electric performance is none other than ENHYPEN! ENHYPEN’S Hanbin definitely hyped up our moods for the upcoming performances! Indeed, the BEST of the best at the start itself!

We definitely shall let ENHYPEN completely take our hearts away as they perform altogether on Let Me In, post taht electric performance of Hanbin, these visuals and dance is totally having us fall for them! From that perfect stage outfits in a mix of monochromatic colors and easygoing styles, to that enigmatic stage set-up. Indeed, BigHit never leaves a stone unturned! We’re sure Engene is definitely not surviving this onslaught of love and beautiful visuals from their Idols!

17 HOURS AGO: TXT Brings Joy To Our World Indeed!

TXT aka Together X Together is surely leaving us breathless as they perform with full emotions on their track of Can’t You See Me! 

Yeonjun surely knows how to have us completely in a trance over his smooth moves. PUMA by TXT is definitely the song that makes us want to dance to their rhythm! 

The solo performances from each member is definitely the highlight for every MOA out there! Each has a unique style and design carefully thought out and put together!

Ending this power-packed performance with the perfect trio of: We lost the summer, Wishlist and their much-loved Blue Hour performance is making this stage all the more special for ENGENE. The Icing of this TXT cake was definitely the cutesy change of vibes as they ended the performance in black long coats and hats.

As usual, perfect lighting and stage set-up with those beautifully co-ordinated white & black and some pastel outfits, TXT look like princes out of a fairytale!

<strong>BUMZU <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

16 HOURS AGO: Bumzu Has Us Speechless!

Followed by two super cool group performances, Bumzu is the right dose of DOPE and swag that we needed to take a breather abd cool down to his awesome vocals and super cool stage presence in his mashup of: Give It 2 You, Forever Young & Ddakdala! 

Being solo yet filling up the space so beautifully is something only Bumzu can achieve perfectly! Well, he totally took us into an another universe with the soulful rendition of his song DDandara.

<strong>LEE HYUN <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

16 HOURS AGO: Lee Hyun’s A Turning Point Indeed, For The Whole Night To Set In Right!!

As the night progresses to the start of a beautiful year ahead, what better than our very own Lee Hyun’s You are the best of my life and Akdam leaving us completely baffled over his vocals and filled with a hundred different emotions. 

Can one man take tour breath away with his pure emotions and soothing vocals, well, that’s definitely the case with Lee Hyun!


COLLABORATION STAGE – The MOST Entertaining & Perfect Breakthrough Performance Indeed, As The Stage Gets Decked Up With Korean Traditional Dancers & Beautiful Vocals of BigHit Family in the Special Connecting Stage With The Legendary Shin Hae Chul!

16 HOURS AGO: GFriend’s Stage Is A Must-Watch Visually Stunning Performance With Glitters & Sensuality!


In tones of greys yet never grey in their voices, GFriend adds the right amount of glamour and sweetness to the stage and to our hearts in this New Year Eve special concert! 

While, they give us the schoolgirl vibe in hose classic uniform attires, their vocals and moves are enough to set the stage completely on fire as they perform: Crossroads. And, yet again BigHit’s stage ups the scales of any performance!

Looking absolutely hot and beautiful in reds, adding the very color we needed to the end of this year, GFriend knows exactly how to have us completely hooked to their visuals and sensual moves as they perform Apple! 

GFriend is definitely adding the sensuality of an evening party and, now the glitter and stars of it being New Years Eve as we enjoy their much-awaited performance of Mago. If you, BUDDYs, out there feel like grooving to their beats, it’s all GFriend’s doing as they leave no stone unturned to capture our hearts!

15 HOURS AGO: Nu’est Adds The Fire To The Sensuality Left Behind By GFriend!

Nu’est is indeed completely LIT in their glorious white suits, and cool stage presence, as they awe us in Love Paint, Shadow and more! Their fans aka LOVE are definitely not getting over this visual overload anytime soon.


However, the icing on this Nu’est cake is none other than Love Me! Do you not agree, LOVEs?

The perfectly synchronised choreo, coupled with that easygoing coolness for the stage sets Nu’est completely apart! Not to mention they’ve got us hooked to their every move on that sexy stage set-up.

15 HOURS AGO: BTS Rings In The New Year By Setting The Night Alight!

<strong>BTS <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

After a long wait, finally BTS sets the night alight with their powerhouse performance on Dynamite and Best Of Me coupled with their stunning visuals and DOPE style giving off that classic retro vibe! We are sure that like us, even ARMYs couldn’t help but dance like never before on these groovy numbers!

Their performance welcomes the much-awaited New Year In Seoul, Korea. 

The skies were lit up with BigHit’s beautiful lightings and showed the power of just how aesthetically and technically forward is BigHit’s production set-up! Hats-off to that Visually Stunning aerial New Year wish!

<strong>BTS <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

14 HOURS AGO: Ending The Year With The Legendary MIC Drop Is The BEST Way To Say Good-bye To 2020!

There couldn’t have been a better way to answer back 2020 for all the trials and tests (literally) its put us all throughout, than with BTS Mic Drop ft. Steve Aoki! Well, BTS knows exactly what we need when as they fill us up with fire for the next year and leave us breathless in their all-black attires! ARMYs are indeed right, BTS look too hot in black!

14 HOURS AGO: Magical Indeed Is Lauv With BTS As They Vibe On Make It Right!

This performance was nothing short of magical, but what melted our hearts was the presense of none other than BTS Suga as he performed after quite some time! Moreover, the soothing vocals and raw voices of BTS with the beautiful texture of Lauv’s vocals made this a memorable experience to listen and watch!

<strong>BTS <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

Nothing makes the icing on the BTS cake other than much-loved Boy With Luv with a side of Halsey! 

We can’t get over this song, from it’s official music video to every performance that they’ve created up until now, as they begin the new year of 2021 with this beautiful song paired with Halsey in equally beautiful attires!

14 HOURS AGO: BTS Proves That Life Indeed Goes On, No Matter The End Or The Beginning!

Looking heavenly in all-white, BTS looked straight out of a fairytale telling us to never look back, never stop, never give up for there’s always space for hope as Life Goes On! A beautiful performance with their personal anecdotes to end the year with endless love and gratitude towards their fans, ARMYs! This definitely serves as the perfect end to this onslaught of beautiful visuals ans performances as BigHit Label’s New Year Eve Concert comes to an end!

<strong>BTS <strong>(PICTURE CREDITS: BIGHIT ENTERTAINMENT)</strong></strong>

This visually stunning and equally awe-worthy vocals and dance performances from such beautiful artists has definitely made our NEW YEAR’S EVE 2021, quite special, hope it was the same for you!