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Tips to liven up your home this festive season

Add some statement to your drawing room by embracing a fusion of Indian style baithaki arrangement with contemporary patterns and designs. Placing some abstract art on the walls and teaming it up with small sized ottoman with colourful throws and cushions can make your drawing room space come alive.

How to liven up your home this festive season

Festive season is just around the corner and the air is already festive. Wherever one goes, they are greeted with pretty lights, lamps, rangoli and mithai. Amidst all of the shopping trips for gifts and décor items, what one really wants is to give a personalised touch of their taste to their home, making every dull corner come alive and tell stories of the house.

A room that is well put together, however, is no accident. Elements that make it come alive is a makeover that is attractive, easy on the pocket and effortless. From quirky wallpaper and wall art to garden accessories, from chic and classy home décor to geeky gadgets, latest Alexa-controlled smart lighting to TV and appliances; from traditional Indian handlooms & handicrafts to modern murals; from state-of-the art home appliances to exquisite sofas, beds, ottomans and recliners; from apparel, shoes, to bags and jewellery; from grocery, daily essentials to bath accessories and luxury beauty products – you can use the following tips to turn their house into a home that has stories to tell, this Diwali

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