Living With Passion & Purpose, Craig Schulze Talks About The One Shot Movement


Craig Schulze is a global leader, author, and renowned entrepreneur. He has built many successful businesses from scratch and has also remained a source of inspiration to thousands of people around the world. In a recent interview with us, the business mogul talked about his journey and how one life-transforming incident led to the beginning of The One Shot Movement.


You have remained a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a global leader for so many years now. Tell us how you discovered your passion for building empires and inspiring lives.

In the pursuit of my dreams, only when I was 21 years old, I fired my boss! And that led to my beginnings in the fitness industry, where I become a multi-award-winning trainer, owning 5 fitness clubs at the time. Not only this, I helped a brand, franchise their business while being involved in setting up 22 franchises. It was 2006 when my entrepreneurial intuition and curiosity around the endless possibilities into the world of online business, drove me to explore trends and platforms. This helped me in building many global e-commerce businesses. In 2011, I helped a US company pioneer its youth enhancement products globally. Presently, I travel the world thus expanding my business into over 100 countries. During my entrepreneurial journey, I have accumulated a sizeable property portfolio, and invested in both public and private companies to build long term wealth.

What does ‘The One Shot Movement’ stand for?

For me, The one-shot movement is a passion/legacy project. In Jan 2014, my wife and I had our first boy Ethan stillborn. It was a time when I had started to think deeply about life. While I was having many meaningful yet intricate conversations with myself, I started jotting down my thoughts on paper. This eventually turned into a manuscript for my upcoming book. In 2019, a good friend had encouraged me to write a book about business, and entrepreneurship. I made the decision to bring my legacy project to life.

I met up with a publisher who was blown away by the concept. In 2020, I am launching the book, social media branding, a podcast, and many other initiatives which in my big plans will lead to fundraising for children’s charities. Most importantly if nothing else I hope it inspires people to follow their dreams and live with passion and purpose, whatever that is for them. I have been on an entrepreneurial journey for 20 years and my vision and mission is to give back, share my knowledge, and inspire people to make a change. As I say to people for me it is not about how much money I have because I want to turn money into memories.


Our audience would love to know more about your new book. Please elaborate on the core idea behind writing this book.

The book is quite raw, to begin with as I spill my heart with detail about the adversity and challenges around losing Ethan. Throughout the book, we progress with a lot of wisdom and lessons around life to help people evolve and grow into the best version of themselves. Most importantly to understand there is one shot at life do not waste time and live without regrets. Go out there and give it your best shot. We discuss a lot of things around personal growth, skills, and key concepts to help you thrive in your pursuit of happiness.


What are the key elements the book details about?

The book is about adversity and challenges which is a guarantee in life. It also talks about personal growth and looking at the world from an entirely different perspective.



From a business owner to an investor, how did you take this big leap in your career?

I think the best investment in life is to invest in yourself. The more you learn ultimately opens opportunities for you to earn more. For me, I learned a lot about creating wealth by reading books and having incredible mentors. As soon as my business had generated enough money, I started my property investing strategy, which I have been doing for 17 years now. Along the journey, I have had great advisors and people in my life who have already walked the path before me. One of the best things I would encourage anyone to do is to have a great sounding board of advisors and mentors that you can bounce ideas off.


What are some of the common challenges you face on a day-to-day basis? How do you overcome them?

Life is full of challenges. You will have challenges in business, and in personal life, it does not matter if you will be challenged, it matters when and how often. I always put things into perspective. If you are driving on the road, you would often see road rage and frustration. Most of the time it is because you want to get from A to B quicker and the driver is cursing and unhappy. Why not say to yourself, “I will get there one minute later but I am grateful that I can actually afford to have a car.” I still have a photo of Ethan’s feet on my phone screen and if I am going through a bad day I simply say to myself, “Today was challenging but nowhere near as challenging as having a stillborn baby”. It is all perspective. You need to build your mindset to deal with the challenges.


How do you utilize the power of social media in your businesses?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool to grow any business. You need to use social media to build your audience and provide high-level content that your audience will engage with to help nurture a pipeline of customers. Social media is like playing chess, the channels are forever changing so you need to be on top of the changes to maximize the channel’s features. The best entrepreneurs on social media focus on providing incredible value and at the same time have something good to offer in order to build their email list.

It is critically important to move your audience from social to mailing lists so that you can own the database. Even if a platform shuts down you would still have the contacts. In 2019, there is a big shift towards an omnichannel approach where you are playing your strategy across multi-platforms. I think one of the best approaches to social media is to become very observant of what all the bigger influencers are doing on the platforms. As they say, success leaves clues!


What should one do in order to gain more clarity on one’s purpose in life?

I was recently reading somewhere that a very large part of the world’s population is disconnected from themselves. This means, people are doing things without any real purpose. They work to get paid so they can meet their financial responsibilities. The vision of the one-shot movement is to inspire people to treat life with an understanding that they only have one shot for their lives and they must lead it with passion and purpose. The movement teaches them to live with no regrets. To achieve this you need to put a plan in place and take one step forward every single day. I am not saying quit your job and follow your dreams and passions. I am suggesting to find something you can do in the spare 10-15 hours a week and build that out over 3 years until you can transition into it full time. The first task I will give people is to work through my lifestyle by designing their work-life vision book which delves into 8 major areas for creating transformational change.



What is the one strong piece of advice you would give to coming of age entrepreneurs?

  1. a) Find a great mentor!If you do not have one, consider joining groups that have masterminds and advisory opportunities. Only use a mentor that has what you want.

  2. b) Be curious and open-minded!It is perfectly fine to be skeptical because you do not understand but get good at asking the right questions to the right people.

  3. c) Fire yourself from things that do not make sense!For me, I avoided things like making videos for my content production. As a result, I was missing out on creating video content. Realizing its importance, I eventually found someone to do it. I am better off doing other business activities that are a great return on my time.

  4. d) Time is everything!If you have not worked out the power of leverage in time money and relationships then work that out because you will end up retiring on the struggle street.

  5. e) Have a clear vision!Put a good 3 to 5-year plan in place.

What is you take on ’emerging from your weakest moments’? Tell us about your most powerful tools to deal with any sort of emotional crisis.

Your biggest lessons and growth come from your challenges and struggles. It is often the universe doing you a favor. Think of it this way – The situations are often not happening to you, but for you. When you can navigate your way through a challenge you become a better version of yourself and ready for the next challenge and growth. To emerge from my weakest moments, I listen to powerful content on podcasts, audio books, YouTube, and in practical terms, I often find myself journaling and reflecting on the situation and then evolving.


What is your everyday mantra for a fulfilled living?

For me I am looking at impact, legacy, giving back, and turning my money into memories. By the age of 40, I was in an extremely good financial position so most decisions I make are around doing things that make me happy. No point being the richest many in the cemetery. The one-shot movement is a message and movement about living life to the fullest, living life with passion and purpose, living with no regrets, and evolving into the person you want to become. I think showing love and gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do.



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