Loch Ness Monster Spotted in China? Viral Video Raising Conspiracy Theory of the Giant Eel Is Fake

The Loch Ness Monster is currently the greatest unexplained mystery, possibly slithering at River Ness in Scotland, UK. But is it on vacation to China? While the uncertainty of the existence of this giant eel remains, a new video recently surfaced online. People in China believed that they spotted Nessie at the Yangtze River near the massive Three Gorges Dam. However, it is not what it looks like! As the clip went viral, another footage appeared that confirmed that the mysterious object spotted in the river was instead a long piece of rubber. Loch Ness, Bunyip, Yeti and Some Folklore Beasts That 'Apparently' Exist and Where You Can Find Them!

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The viral video showed a big, long and black unidentified object slithering through the waters of Yangtze River. It did not take much time, for the clip to gained international attention. People began to name the mysterious object as China’s version of the famed “Nessie.” With the clip gaining enough attention, a Chinese University professor suggested that it could show a giant water snake rather than any undescribed species. BBC reported that the footage surfaced on China’s social media site, Sina Weibo. Loch Ness Monster is Still A Mystery But Could be a Humongous Eel, Claim New Zealand Scientists.

Watch the Viral Video:

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Referring to the Chinese news website, The Paper, Forbes reports that the monster may have been a long piece of black material caught in rocks. Pear video showed footage of workers removing to what appeared like a piece of rubber.

There have been reports that trigger the conspiracy theory of the Loch Ness Monster. Another video was recently shared by the Ness Fishery Board that supports the theory that the fabled monster may be a giant eel. Because as the Fishery rightly joked that any mysterious object you see in the River Ness raises questions on the existence of Nessie.

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