Lohri 2020 Date: History, Importance & Significance of Lohri in India

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 Lohri 2020 Date in India: This year it will be celebrated on January 13. (Express Photo by Rana Simranjit Singh)

Lohri 2020 Date in India: Lohri is celebrated to mark the new harvest season. It is celebrated with great zest in the northern belt of the country. On this day, farmers and agriculturists offer gratitude to the almighty for good harvest. This year, it will be celebrated on January 13.

History of Lohri 

It is believed that the origin of Lohri can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilisation. The day is celebrated with aplomb in Punjab. It is also known by different names in different parts of the country. In Tamil Nadu it is known as Pongal; in Bengal, people celebrate it as Makar Sankranti; in Assam it is called Bihu and in Kerala, it is referred to as Pongala.

There are many stories associated with the history of Lohri, the most famous being Dulla Bhatti. It is said that he was famous among the poor at the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar’s regime, as he used to take riches from the rich and distribute among the poor. According to legends, he had once saved a girl from kidnappers. He even took care of her like his own daughter. 

Importance and Significance

On the day of the festival, people surround themselves with friends and family members. Since the nights are cold, some prepare a bonfire and keep themselves warm. It also marks the harvesting time of the crops during the winter season, also known as rabi crops. The main attraction of the festival is sesame seeds, jaggery, radish, mustard and spinach.