'Loki' episode-2: Story intensifies; a crucial character enters the game

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16 Jun 2021: 'Loki' episode-2: Story intensifies; a crucial character enters the game

The second episode of MCU's Loki series dropped on Disney+ Hotstar and we can say we're agreeably hooked! Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is now working for the Time Variance Authority, the big bad corporation that ensures multiverses do not get created, to catch his volatile version. However, the work is not that simple, as rogue Loki's identity complicates the chaos. Here's our review.

Story: Loki is a gray hero, deceives, but gets work done

The episode opens with rogue Loki ambushing yet another group of the minutemen, and Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) taking original Loki on his first mission. Our "hero" doesn't turn into a "hero" just by suiting up, and his trickster image pops up more than once. Following one or two attempts at deception, Loki finally gets to work and cracks the fugitive Loki's hiding code.

Lady ***i: Spoiler alert! Rogue Loki's identity gets revealed to us

Loki figures out that his other version is hiding in apocalypses to trick the TVA. They zoom in on a probable location and try to sneak attack. But rogue Loki overpowers Loki (much to his distaste) and in a goosebump-inducing moment, it is revealed the nemesis is (hold on! spoiler alert) Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino). So who is Lady Loki actually?

Fact: Lady Loki in the comics pointed toward Loki's gender fluidity

As per the comics, Loki takes over the human body meant for Lady Sif after the events of Ragnarok to get a fresh start. But in the series, Lady Loki is a different character. So it'll be interesting to see how it pans out.

Bromance: Hiddleston, Wilson charm onscreen, but likely to suffer momentary break-up

As expected from the first episode, Loki and Mobius make up for an enjoyable pair, who remind us of the good old Thor-Loki bickering. It's a treat to watch Hiddleston-Wilson chemistry bloom on screen. However, with Loki following his female counterpart through a time portal at the end, we're possibly staring at a momentary break-up. Hunter B-15's (Wunmi Mosaku) badass-ery was especially impressive here.

Expectation: The time-keepers' identity creates suspicion, major twist awaited

When my mother, who knows Loki as the "villain in the Avengers movies," knew about the series, her question was, "Why is he getting a show?" Writer Michael Waldron-director Kate Herron duo is aware of this apprehension and assures the audience can root for the protagonist, who is the "history's most reliable liar." "No one bad is ever truly bad," Loki says. Umm...okay!

Fact: Is romance in store for Loki? Second episode gets 4.5/5

Another possibility is Lady Loki might be Loki's love interest. Earlier, Hiddleston had given an elusive answer to that question, keeping the possibility open. On her part, Herron might also want to address Loki's emotional vulnerabilities with this new character. Verdict: 4.4/5 bytes.

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