'Loki' finally debuts, God of Mischief gets his 'glorious purpose'

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09 Jun 2021: 'Loki' finally debuts, God of Mischief gets his 'glorious purpose'

The real world (multiverse or otherwise) is not divided between just good and bad. It is not simply hero and villain...there is a lot of gray in the middle. These topics are greatly discussed in the first episode of the Disney+ Hotstar series Loki. Starring Tom Hiddleston as the fan-favorite God of Mischief, the debut episode sets the stage for upcoming action.

Opening: The episode begins with the 'Endgame' time travel scene

Premiering today, the episode opened up to the time-travel scene, as seen in the Avengers: Endgame in New York 2012. Loki acquires the Tessaract and flees. But this act hampers the timeline, and Loki is arrested by the Time Variance Agency (TVA). Deeply affronted (because who dares arrest a God?) pre-redemption Loki refuses to "kneel," and accept the workings of the organization.

Cast: Wilson-Hiddleston engage in cheeky banter, promise great chemistry

But he is made to see things, as they are by Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson). Wilson and Hiddleston's cheeky banter reflects the chemistry often seen in MCU shows/films, and we are promised a new duo, as Mobius requests Loki's help in tackling a violent Variant. Other primary cast members Gugu Mbatha-Raw's TVA Judge Renslayer, and TVA agent Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) are also introduced.

Anticipation: We are gearing up for a Loki v/s Loki fight

So who is it that Loki must fight? It is none other than Loki himself (at least another version of him). We understand that the real Loki actually died, as he did in Endgame, but looks like he did not escape the timeline only once. This answers the question of why two Lokis were featured on the poster of the six-part series.

Purpose: Loki is no longer the carefree brother of an Avenger

Hiddleston absorbs Loki, a benefit that comes out of playing a character for a decade, and is immediately lovable. Marvel president Kevin Feige had said earlier that MCU has planned the series, because they wanted to explore Loki, independent of his relationship with Thor. Accordingly, Loki is not the carefree-snickering younger brother of an Avenger anymore, but gets burdened with a "glorious purpose."

Technicalities: Don't hold yourself back, get a taste of Loki's charms!

As expected from Marvel, set design and ideation of TVA generate awe. Writer Michael Waldron-director Kate Herron's duo explains all new intricacies with care. Crafty armors/uniforms are built for the minute-men, those in charge of setting the timeline straight. Watch out for a cameo of Infinity Stones! So, what are you waiting for? Just go and watch this episode. Second one drops next Wednesday.

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