New 'Loki' poster introduces cute clock cartoon, mysterious hoodied silhouette

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13 May 2021: New 'Loki' poster introduces cute clock cartoon, mysterious hoodied silhouette

A new poster has been released for Marvel's highly anticipated television series Loki.

The show stars Tom Hiddleston in the titular role as the God of Mischief, and we see him (finally) stepping out of his mighty big brother Thor's shadow.

To note, it was recently announced that Loki will stream every Wednesday instead of Fridays, starting June 9.

Loki: Yes, there are two Lokis in the poster!

In the poster, we see two placements for Hiddleston as Loki.

A small Loki figure with a villainous smile, both hands stretched out, with a "I am the king" expression, is at the bottom.

In the other not-so-subtle center placement, we can see him much bigger in a Time Variance Agency (TVA) uniform, with a piercing gaze and charming grin, probably working for TVA.

Fact: 'Time to begin the countdown,' and we're on it!

More characters: The poster has a bevy of characters from the TVA

Mobius M. Mobius played by Owen Wilson is also featured. He is a TVA member tasked with keeping Loki out of harm's way.

We also see TVA judge Ravonna Lexus Renslayer played by Gugu Mbathu-Raw in the poster, who is entrusting Loki to fix the timelines.

Further, the poster gives us a better view of TVA agent Hunter B-15, played by Wunmi Mosaku.

Miss Minutes: Cute new clock has everyone hooked, hoodied silhouette ups mystery

There is also a little cartoon clock in the poster. It's apparently a TVA mascot named Miss Minutes.

People are already in love with it, with a Twitter user saying, "I will do anything to protect this clock."

We also notice a hoodied silhouette, carrying a lantern, behind Wilson.

He actually appears for a split second in Loki trailer 2.

So, is it Heimdall?

TVA: Can 'Loki' be trusted to fix the timelines?

The show will take the story forward from the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame.

The TVA organization, which overlooks the continuity, is trying to punish Loki for messing up the various timelines.

He now has to fix them or risk getting persecuted.

This series will be the third of the new Marvel television shows this year after WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.