Man's complaint over woman doing make-up on train backfires spectacularly

An actor has been slammed online for appearing to shame a woman doing her make-up on the train.

Joseph Balderrama, who has had small roles in British TV shows Benidorm and The Bill, as well as the James Bond film Spectre, took to Twitter on Tuesday morning after he spotted the female applying makeup while on The London Underground.

Sharing a photo of the woman in question on a packed carriage, he asked: “So WTF (what the f***)? Make up on the tube? (sic)”

“Really I mean would you brush your teeth on the tube? Pluck? Wash your face?” he asked.

“This was the full works too not just a lippy top up, it was foundation and beyond.”

He added the hashtags ‘just get up earlier’ and ‘time management innit’.

Joseph Balderrama's now-deleted post. Source: Twitter/ RoisinTM

Balderrama predicted his post “may split opinion”, but the general consensus was firmly against his viewpoint.

Many were also concerned about shaming an unwitting woman online.

A wave of comments quickly forced the Twitter user to delete his post.

“Yeah I mean, some of us work 13 hour shifts so to have that extra 30 minutes sleep and apply makeup on my hour commutes, yeah I will do that and not care about anyone else’s opinion,” one woman quipped.

The actor later removed his post following outrage from users. Source: Joseph Balderrama/ Twitter

“What's wrong with making use of time you'd otherwise spend gazing at your phone or staring into space? What this actually is, is an example of good time management,” another pointed out.

“Honestly baffles me why people even think this is acceptable,” one person said.

One woman said it was common for women to do their make-up on public transport and it wasn’t “scrubbing off dirt or removing hairs”.

Another said it was “creepy” to take photos of unsuspecting women.

The actor later replied to the furore online, saying there was “no offence intended”.

“Just an observation. But if it’s totally offensive I totally withdraw it,” he said.

While asking if he was “allowed” to find applying make-up on a train “odd”, one user quickly hit back.

“What’s less ‘allowed’ is taking photographs of strangers on the tube and sharing them for criticism online.

One woman however said while he shouldn’t have shared the image, she too was “really bothered” by women applying make-up on a train.

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