London is the gender pay gap capital of the UK

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London is the gender pay gap capital of the UK, paying men almost a third more than women on average, research shows.

Official government figures released in April show that eight out of 10 UK companies still pay men more than women.

Analysis by PaymentSense has uncovered the cities that are home to the worst offenders, as well as the industries and job roles most likely to discriminate.

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London has the biggest gender pay gap in the UK, with companies paying men almost a third (30%) more than women, on average, the data shows.

This gap is miles away from the second-worst offender, Birmingham, at 18%.

Leeds comes third with men being paid about 16% more than women, followed closely by Liverpool, where male workers are paid 16% more than their female counterparts.

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When it comes to employment sectors, finance and insurance is the worst offenders, with a 40% pay gap in favour of women.

But electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply is not fair behind, paying women roughly a quarter (27%) less than men.

Education is third place, also with a gap of nearly a quarter (26%).

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Research by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) shows the gender pay gap in the education system effectively means women are working free for 95 days a year.

However, women working in mining and quarrying earn about 7% more than male employees on average, making it one of just two industries where men are paid less than their female counterparts.

Water supply and waste management services is the second of these industries, with a 2% gender pay gap in favour of women.

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Meanwhile, accommodation and food service jobs have a 4% gender pay gap that still favours men but less so than other sectors.

The worst job a woman can have as far as the gender pay gap goes is financial account manager, which pays female employees a staggering 49% less than men, the research found.

Female environmental health officers are paid about 46% less than men, and mining production manager positions are paid about 43% less.

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Meanwhile, the best job role for women hoping to get paid more than their male counterparts is social services manager. This role comes with a 88% pay gap in favour of female workers.

Female personal trainers are also highly likely to enjoy a bigger pay packet than men, being paid three quarters more on average.

This is followed by PR professionals at 32%, and careers advisers at 31%.