How long is Anurag Kashyap planning to hide from the limelight?

Anurag Kashyap has had a love hate relationship with the media for the most part of his career. But looks like the hate phase is lasting longer than it usually does, as Kashyap hardly gave an interview to the media even when his film, Bhumi Pednekar and Taapsee Pannu starrer Saand Ki Aankh released last month. This week Kashyap is helping release the Assamese film Aamis, directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, but he still is staying in the shadows.

When Aamis was making the festival rounds, Kashyap watched it and loved it so much that he chose to come on board as the producer. There were no media bytes showing support for the film from Kashyap. He took to social media to show his solidarity towards the film.

In fact, even when recently Kashyap’s film Gangs of Wasseypur had the honour of being the only film to feature in the Guardian, Kashyap took to Instagram to express his happiness instead of a media interview.

This is a far cry from the filmmaker who, in earlier days, took the help of the media to unabashedly express his admiration or hatred towards anything. He was not one to mince words and thus he always made a delightful interviewee.

However, Kashyap never seemed to settle down as far his relationship with the media was concerned. While he was the darling of a certain section of the media for his work and his passion for all things concerned with filmmaking, he also never let any journalist get away if they so much as criticised his point of view.

This is the filmmaker who had gone out of his way to fake an eye injury and post it on social media just to prove his point that media picks up any news without verification!

It was in May this year that Kashyap took things to the extreme when he got into a heated argument with a few photographers who were hoping to click his picture outside a clinic.

Chiding them for not giving him privacy at that time, Kashyap had gone on to say that the photographers should look at themselves in the mirror and ask why they are doing what they are doing as a profession.

Humiliated photographers had put up a protest against his behaviour. Soon after at the trailer launch of the film, Game Over, Kashyap got into yet another heated argument with a reporter when asked about the incident.

To be fair, Kashyap has always maintained that “speculating about my life should not be anybody’s business. Whenever I have been sure of something it’s been out there. I have always said what I had to. Speculation has destroyed many things.”

Not long back, Kashyap had expressed reservations about the media interfering in his daughter Aaliah’s life too. “My daughter gets upset and asks why can’t she lead a normal life. ‘Why should I pay the price of being your daughter?’,” he had said.

To think this was the man who started his career being a media darling, an underdog which the media loved to quote. Supporting him for being the victim of the system when his films, Black Friday and Paanch were not getting released, media celebrated this rebel with a worthy cause.

The not-so-pleasant incident with the photographers must have triggered the maverick filmmaker to stay low key. The unpleasant experience that he had with Twitter recently must have just made it worse. In August, Kashyap had quit Twitter after a few trolls threatened to harm his family.

The Kashyap-media relationship seems to have reached its lowest point right now but then who knows...Things might just mend again.