Lonnie Mayne Humanizes Business and Ignites Human Potential in the Workplace Through Unique Framework for Leadership and Living

Mohmmad Shaikh
·4-min read

The last few years—particularly 2020—have proven the workplace needs to change and adapt to a new reality—one in which employees can speak up about the treatment they deserve and their need to be treated as human beings and not just another number on the list. Lack of respect in the workplace has been an ongoing issue in the business world. It is crucial to continue this discussion to get better results. Lonnie Mayne, a leadership expert, has been working to prove a successful business is all about human connection and treating people with more respect.

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Mayne’s Inspiration

Growing up, Lonnie Mayne had two powerful examples to guide him. His father was a pro-wrestler who, when he stepped out of the ring, made sure to connect with fans on a human level. His uncle—his business mentor—was the first CEO to show him how to treat employees like human beings and not merely as employees. These two men inspired Mayne to be different and stand out in his professional life as a technology executive and leadership executive navigating mergers and acquisitions.

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Throughout his career, Mayne has been guided by one question: how can we turn the noise down in the workplace and develop and ignite the full potential of our people in our organization? His quest was to find a more respectful way to have tough conversations, navigate company changes, and build trust and resilience. As he did his research over the years, he found there were not many inspiring resources on this topic. For that reason, he developed his own mindset, philosophy, and framework to build and incorporate those changes in the workplace and wrote these resources in his book, Red Shoes Living.

Red Shoes Living

Lonnie Mayne’s objective behind Red Shoes Living is to help company leaders innovate company culture and inspire employees to show up at work motivated and ready to serve customers every day. He says, “One of the benefits of Red Shoes Living is how it becomes personal for everyone who lives it”—meaning every reader can apply this philosophy to their professional journey and personal lives.

Mayne’s goal has always been to ignite human potential in the workplace by providing a philosophy that sticks with people and allows them to apply it to their leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion, customer experience, and personal life. Red Shoes Living is humanizing business and making it more personal for employers and employees to connect on a human level.

There is one performance metric that will guarantee success in your business: Employee Engagement. Mayne explains, “For those of us who want to drive meaningful change within our organizations, we already know that we need to start with the one performance metric that has the power to have the biggest impact on all the others: employee engagement.” But how can this be achieved? According to Red Shoes Living, five concepts will help you stand out in business and life:

  1. Awareness: Mayne says, “Witness the good. Choose to participate in a better world.”

  2. Gratitude: Lonnie Mayne has done his research and explains gratitude brings happiness into the workplace, helps the team build confidence to reach their goals, and inspires higher productivity and job satisfaction.

  3. Everyone has a Story: Being conscious of the fact that every person has a story that is continuously changing will help you “connect with them in a more meaningful way and motivate them to show up as their best self.”

  4. Respect and Kindness: It is essential to hold your employees accountable for their actions, but it is just as important to always treat them with respect and kindness. When it comes to these two concepts, Mayne finds inspiration in a saying from his grandma, Avalanche Blanche: “Treat those who have more than you as equal and those who have less than you as kings and queens.”

  5. Put Yourself Out There: For Lonnie Mayne, putting yourself out there means getting out of your comfort zone, taking action on your dreams, becoming an advocate for employees, going the extra mile to delight a customer, and being better today than you were yesterday.

Creating Human Connections

The business world is constantly changing, and not always in a positive direction. Many employees end up dealing with burnout, stress, and anxiety due to their workplace environment—and now, working from home adds even more stress. Being able to create an inspiring workspace will lead to a more successful business. Lonnie Mayne is keenly aware of this and has used his leadership experience to write Red Shoes Living to humanize business and ignite human potential in the workplace through a philosophy, mindset, and five-step framework for leadership and living.