‘Do I look like a guy with a plan?’

Meezaan Jaffrey is a fun guy. His innate sense of humour is sprinkled all over his conversation about relaxation over the weekend. He sets the tone of the chat with, “Weekend for me signifies eat, sleep, eat, repeat.”

Friday fervour

No chilling with a girlfriend on a Sunday for him. He says, “I would rather watch a show on Netflix and chill by myself.” He is currently binge watching Stranger Things 3. Instead of saying ‘Thank God it’s Friday’, he reveals, “I say Jumma chumma de de.”

Going natural

Beauty treatments, spas and swims for this athletic 20-something youngster are ruled out. He quips, “I am naturally beautiful.” We told you, he is cheeky. His rejoinder to a query about Monday morning blues is – “Doesn’t everybody get them?”

Still raging

His plans for the weekend are to start working on his next project. “Are my weekends post career different from my weekends as a teenager?” he reflects. After some deliberation he says, “Not that different. Still raging.”

Moving to music

Tickled by the idea of making plans for the weekend, Meezaan chuckles, “Do I look like a guy with a plan?” His idea of unwinding over the weekend is dancing at parties. Like his father Javed Jaffrey, Meezaan too likes to move to the music. His reading is confined to scanning film scripts for future projects. Ask him if he lets down his hair, wears his dancing shoes and stays out of home till late night on Saturday, and he asks with a straight face, “Is till 7 am late?”

Brunch at Bastian

However, Meezaan doesn’t sleep in late on Sundays. That’s because he has a Sunday binge to catch up with. His Sunday brunch is fixed; “It’s brunch at Bastian in Bandra.” His weekend getaways, he jokes are, “Road trips from Lokhandwala to town.” He never skips the gym. He counter questions: “Do you even lift, bro?”