'Loose Women' host Carol McGiffin says she won't give up reserved train seats for pregnant women

Carol McGiffin said she wouldn't give up a reserved seat to a pregnant woman. (ITV)

Carol McGiffin caused a stir on Loose Women today when she admitted she would not give up her seat to a pregnant woman if she had reserved the spot for herself.

The panel were debating the issue of giving up reserved seats as they discussed the news story of the pregnant mother who said an elderly couple wouldn’t move from seats she had booked, when McGiffin was asked if she would let a pregnant woman have her seat.

The 59-year-old shared: "I would say no, because pregnant women are not sick, they are pregnant.

“It's quite simple and it's not my fault. I didn't make them pregnant."

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Some ITV viewers weren't happy with McGiffin's words and shared their frustrations on Twitter.

However, others voiced support for the presenter, suggesting that people were entitled to stay in a seat if they had gone to the effort of reserving one.

The Loose Women debate comes after a mother used Twitter to criticise an elderly couple who were sitting in train seats she had reserved for her children.

Amanda Mancino-Williams described how she had booked seats on the train traveling from Cheltenham to Nottingham but found an elderly couple sitting in two of them who she claims did not move when she asked them to.

She shared a photo of her three children sharing two seats opposite the couple, before sharing that the conductor offered the family seats in first class at a spare table.

The Loose Women team discussed who should be a priority when it comes to sitting down on public transport. (ITV)

On the story, McGiffin opined: "They should have reserved their own. I am sorry but it would never happen on a plane.

"There must have been other seats on that train for them to sit."

She also told her colleagues she's had "big fights" in the past after reserving a train seat only to find someone sitting in it.