Lopamudra Raut explains why web series does more justice to infamous Nanavati case

  • How did The Verdict... happen for you?

Director Ken Ghosh gave me a call and said I was a perfect fit for the character of a retro star in the series. So, I said yes as I found the character interesting...It is a period drama, something I have not done before. The making of the series had already commenced and my and Pooja Gaur’s characters were added later in the story.

  • What would you say about your role in the series?

I think it’s a unique character. She is an actor, living in a male-dominated society, where patriarchy prevails. She is smart...she does things her way without hurting the male ego and thinks she can get away with anything. She is also a rebel and is moulding herself to get things done in a world of men.

  • There have been several movies and series on the Nanavati case. What sets this one apart?

The web series does more justice to the story because it spans across ten episodes, rather than being limited to just an hour or two. The story has been shown in more detail and is as real as it can get.

  • Since the series is based on a real-life incident, how hard or easy was it to play the part?

The body language, the way the actress’ carried themselves back then was very different. I had to go through a lot of videos of actress’ from that time to get my act right. I had learn to behave, act and speak like actress’ of the 50s, without compromising on my character. I had to keep in mind that Tabassum (my character) was a modern woman and way ahead of her time. I had to make sure she still comes across as someone with modern thoughts and opinions.

  • Do you think the digital platform is increasingly changing how audiences consume content?

The digital platform is definitely changing the way the audiences think. It has brought the audience closer to a lot of real-life stories in the form of web series, which the audiences is liking these days. It has also given the audience the right to choose what they want to see and you cannot sell them crap. The creators have to be smart to catch the attention of the viewers, because they have so much to choose from with a click of a button.

  • What’s next?

I believe in doing exciting work and I am looking forward to doing more of it. I am waiting for my to release soon. And about other work, I will speak once I have something solid.