Love Aditi Rao Hydari’s make-up look? Here’s how you can get it too

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Aditi Rao Hydrai's make-up look has going us gaga! (Photo: Instagram/ Designed by Rajan Sharma)

Aditi Rao Hydari's style is timeless, so is her elegance. She is known to win hearts with her simple yet chic fashion choices. But one thing that often goes unnoticed is her make-up, which can best be described as soft with a dewy base that gives an almost 'glow-from-within' look.

So if porcelain skin, flushed cheeks and tinted lips are what you desire when it comes to make-up, you are in the right place. Ahead, we give you easy steps to achieve the look.

Here's how you can get the actor's make-up look:

Step 1: Base

Begin with a strobe cream, and if you don't have one, scrape off some highlighter or add 2-3 drops of liquid highlighter to your moisturiser and apply on your face. Do not forget the neck. Once you are done applying, wait for 30 seconds for it to penetrate before moving on.

Step 2: Foundation

Opt for a sheer or light coverage foundation. If you do not have one, go for a BB or CC cream. Squirt a little foundation or BB cream and dot it all over your face and neck. Blend it out using a buffing or kabuki brush. You could also dampen your beauty sponge and dab it to get an airbrushed finish. Once you are done, set your T-zone and under-eyes along with the laugh-lines so that your make-up doesn't budge or crease.

Step 3: Add colour to your eyes

Now that you have achieved a toned base, it is time to add a flush of colour. Take a berry or coral pink eyeshadow and sweep it across your eyelids for the base. Add a chocolate brown eyeshadow on the crease of your eyes to give it little depth. Once you are done with that, take an angular brush and pick a shade darker than a chocolate brown eyeshadow and faintly line your lids to accentuate the eyes.

If, like Aditi, you have long eyelashes, go for a lengthening mascara and brush two coats on your eyelids in a wiggling or a zig-zag motion. In the process, if you end up with specks of mascara on your lids or your nose, don't worry. Just give it a few minutes to dry, take an earbud and clean it off.

Step 4: Add a flush of pink 

Now that the major part of the make-up is done, it is time to add blush to your face. Make a fish face, take a coral blush on an angular fluffy brush and swipe it across your cheeks. Ensure that the blush gets merged with the sideburns for a natural effect. This make-up is all about achieving that glowing look. If you like, take a blending eye shadow brush and contour your nose.

Step 5: Get your pout on point

The best part about her signature make-up look is that it goes well with any shade of lipstick. In fact, you could pull this off at work, and in the evening swap a pale lip shade with a dark-toned one like a berry red or wine red. Take a lip brush or simply dab your lip colour on your fingertips and apply it softly on your lips for a tint effect.

Are you going to try this makeup look?