Love Island fans think they spotted something odd about Ollie's villa exit

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Winter Love Island 2020's Ollie Williams told his fellow Islanders he was leaving the show after just three days in scenes that aired last night. Despite pleading with him to stay, Ollie said he was still in love with his ex and leaving was the right thing for him to do.

The moment he hugged them goodbye and carried his suitcase down the stairs and out of the villa was then shown, but Love Island fans spotted something slightly odd about it. Viewers quickly hopped on Twitter to question why the contestant was leaving in just his shorts and didn't have any shoes on.

One wrote: "Anyone else confused why Ollie left #loveisland without getting dressed or putting his shoes on? Just curious..."

And a second tweeted: "Why isn't Ollie putting on any clothes to leave? Is it the rules that they only wear swimming costumes at all times."

Photo credit: ITV

Others also had a moan about the exit being dragged out, with another tweeting:"Why did Ollie just get the LONGEST exit and goodbye ever."

Speaking in the Beach Hut earlier on, Ollie said he still had feelings for ex-girlfriend Laura Nofer, who he dated for 18 months before they split last year.

"I have to be honest with myself, and everyone, that I do still love someone else… I have to follow my heart in this scenario and it would be wrong for me to ignore these feelings," he explained.

"At the end of the day, this is Love Island and it’s about finding love. If I carried on anything with Paige, or any other girl that might come into the villa, it wouldn’t be fair on them."

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