Love Island’s Tom's backhanded compliment to Anna is cracking everyone up

Naomi Gordon
Photo credit: ITV

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In last night's Love Island, Anna was wined and dined and served one hell of a backhanded compliment by new boy Tom when he seductively told her she looked great... for 28.

Anna and Maura were left single after the boys' fraught re-coupling on Sunday night, and were then sent on dates with two bombshells, Tom and Jordan.

When Anna asked Tom his age, he replied that he was 29, which made Anna visibly very happy.

"I don't think you understand how happy I am that you're 29," she told him. "Most of the guys in the villa are 20-24. It's really difficult because I'm 28. Like an old woman!"

"You look good for that, you look good," Tom told her.

Fans were obviously amused by Tom's comment, pointing out that 28 obviously is not old.

He didn't really win viewers over with his next line either, which he dropped after Anna asked him what he did for a living.

"I'm a professional mannequin," he replied.


Photo credit: ITV2

Anna looked blank faced, so he laughed it off, and elaborated: "I'm a model."

"You're perfect, you're a model," she mused.

But it wasn't meant to be, as Tom was cracking on with Elma, despite Maura trying to crack on with him.

Meanwhile, we were all left shook by Love Island's latest brutal twist. After the 'least compatible' couples were selected by the Islanders - Joe and Lucie, Elam and Anton - it was then announced that the public will be voting to save only one Islander from each couple.

Can't wait.

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