The Love Islanders open up about their biggest skin insecurities

Kate Pasola
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From Cosmopolitan

Ahhh, Love Island season - a super welcome distraction from a seemingly endless January, our ever-approaching overdraft limits, and ever-diminishing will to leave the house.

It only began on Sunday with brand new host Laura Whitmore, but has already packed quite the punch, with all the usual flirting, snuggling and downright lols present and accounted for (remember when Callum asked the twins if they were the same age?). Oh, and it’s received a whopping 272 Ofcom complaints already. Classic.

However, while Love Island remains victorious for the title of Single Greatest Comfort Watching Show On the Planet, it does come with its downsides; namely, watching a gaggle of perfectly-groomed sex gods groom themselves, be sex gods, and ultimately fancy one another relentlessly. Oh, and did I mention they're ALL under 25?

Obviously that's great for them, but not so much for those pesky feelings of inadequacy I'm feeling back home, devoid of vitamin D, definitely not 25 any more, wallowing on my sofa. Is anyone else getting repetitive strain injury from seeking out that same validation on Hinge? No? Ok, well, moving on...

Here’s the thing - when Love Island’s on during the summer, we could crank up the curling wand, slather on fake tan and highlighter and drink a gin in a tin on the nearest patch of grass with the nearest hottie, at least pretending to feel like a fanciable sex god. But to me, the slight downside of this season is the apparent gigantic chasm between their self esteem and, well, mine.

That said, friends and fellow ITV huns, it turns out you are not alone. Even the islanders have their moments, as it turns out. When LookFantastic chatted to them, 5 of the 7 female contestants revealed their skincare concerns, and it legitimately looks like a roll-call of my own personal skin freak-outs.

Blemishes were the biggest issue, with Shaugna Phillips complaining of hormonal breakouts, twins Eva and Jess Gale both worrying about an uneven complexion / blemishes and redness, and Paige Turley commenting on her spots.

Leanne Amaning’s worries also related to blemishes, but more in the realms of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and dull skin, rather than skin texture or unevenness.

Sophie Piper and Siannise Fudge were less concerned about skincare, sharing that their personal insecurities related to having darker under eye circles.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the guys, it seemed business as usual. Nas Majeed’s biggest worry was “sunburn” (good boy, keep your SPF nearby, let’s not have another Dr Alex, shall we?). Callum Jokes was freaking out about having dry skin, while Mike Boateng and Ollie Williams and ex-islander shared their under-eye dark circle woes.

Obviously it's awful to feel insecure about your skin, but it's important to remember that nobody is perfect. So sit back, relax, enjoy the snogging, and remember: we all feel like crap sometimes.

Speaking of feeling crap...with the Islanders apparently on quarantine due to producer’s fears of the gang contracting a violent vomiting bug from some of the crew (lush), we’d have thought the odd under-eye bag would have been the least of their problems? Apparently not.

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