Love Island’s Yewande Biala shares her worst date ever with a man who liked to scratch

Yewande Biala spoke recently on a podcast about her worst date ever - and no, it wasn't in the Love Island villa!

Love Island star Yewande Biala has opened up about her worst date ever, which involved a Tinder match who had an itch to scratch.

The scientist said she had been on many horrendous dates, but one in particular stuck in her mind.

“There's this time where I went on a date with this guy,” she told White Wine Question Time host Kate Thornton. “He seemed so lovely and I was telling him I'm so happy that you're not a creep and you're really nice and really amazing.”

“We were walking out of the restaurant and he put his hand around my waist, and I thought that was normal, but then he started scratching up and down. He wanted to know if I was wearing knickers! He was kind of fiddling up and down.”


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Yewande chose to ignore her date’s weird behaviour but instantly regretted doing so when he offered her a lift home. Once in the car, he started to scratch her leg.

“I just sat there like, oh my God, what am I supposed to do?” she revealed. “I literally made sure he dropped me to a different estate so he wouldn't know where I lived. I went home and then he texted me and he was like, ‘I hope I wasn't being too forward!’”

Fellow podcast guest Malin Andersson revealed she had a great way of getting out of disastrous dates like Yewande had suffered.

“Tell your friend before you go on the date… if you call them and say chicken wings, it’s like an emergency flag,” she explained to Yewande. “And then they’ll come and save you!”

It seems Malin may have kinder friends than Yewande though, as she replied: “My friends wouldn't come and save me - they'd laugh and make me suffer!”

Listen to Yewande reveal more Love Island gossip, including why she wanted Amber Gill to win, on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time on iTunes or Spotify.