For the love of a man Book Review: A woman's plight

For The Love of A Man is one of the most poignant works by Amrinder Bajaj, a renowned gynaecologist by profession and a writer by passion. The author unmasks the hypocritical face of our patriarchal society in this masterpiece through the story of the chief protagonist Amrita who is the prisoner of the morbid and parochial thinking of chauvinistic and misogynistic men.

In the context of this book, it is not hyperbolic to remark that a woman is only born free but everywhere she is in shackles in this male dominated society. Undeniably, the modern day women have achieved many milestones. They work shoulder to shoulder with men in several spheres. But majority of the women are not fortunate enough to bask under the glory of that light. They are even denied the basic rights to marry the person of their own choice.

Amrita is the representative figure of the latter class of subjugated women but she is a fighter too. With her indomitable spirits she confronts the toughest of the times. Locked in a loveless marriage with MS, she has to bear the unbearable trauma.

Inner peace and tranquillity always elude her. Born in a conservative family, she is bound to carry the burden of the family tradition on her shoulders. When life becomes a veritable hell for her, she finally takes refuge in the mountains to assuage her excruciating agony. Though mountains are not her final destination and she realises that the real peace dwells only within.

Indubitably, the author emerges as a powerful voice of the feminism and sprearheads a movement to highlight the predicament of many Amritas of our society. The references to the period of emergency and the mass sterilization campaign launched by Sanjay Gandhi offer us a peep into those dark days of history.

The author has a flair for weaving a gripping narrative that keeps the readers engaged throughout the book. The book can be aptly classified as the biography of a woman who becomes a class representative.