Luann de Lesseps gets brutal honesty from the other 'Housewives' about her singing

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Things got pretty awkward during The Real Housewives of New York reunion when the ladies were asked about Luann de Lesseps’ singing voice. And it’s probably safe to say that Luann didn’t like their responses.

Luann has been heavily involved in cabaret since she quit drinking alcohol. And while her friends support her endeavors to better herself, they don’t necessarily think she is that great of a singer.

The subject came up because Luann’s friend, Barbara Kavovit, was caught on camera saying, “she can’t really sing.” And when Andy Cohen asked the housewives what they thought of Luann’s singing, the awkward silence and stammering that followed spoke louder than words.

Bethenny Frankel looked at Luann and asked, “Do you think you're very good, honestly?” Luann said she never claimed to be a great singer, but she was clearly hurt by the response from her friends. “I just wanna tell you all now that, for someone who can't sing, I just got cast in "Chicago" on Broadway,” said Luann, “So, you know, take that and shove it up your ass.“

As the show aired, Luann tried to lighten the awkward exchange by tweeting, “I’m not trying to be Adele.” But in the moment she was clearly upset.

Bethenny cut the tension by being brutally honest with Luann, like a good friend. “Why be mad at Barbara for telling the truth?” Bethenny asked, “You're not a great singer. I mean, I love you, but…”

Even though all the women agree that Luann can’t sing, they also agree that she’s a great performer. And with friends like those, who needs a singing voice?

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