Luke Greenfield to direct action-thriller 'We Are Untouchable'

Los Angeles, May 9 (PTI) Luke Greenfield, the director of films such as 'The Girl Next Door' and 'Something Borrowed', will helm STXfilms' upcoming movie 'We Are Untouchable'.

The director will also co-write the action-thriller in collaboration with Captain Mauzner, reported Deadline.

The screenplay has been penned by Oritte Bendory and Aaron Feldman with revisions by Michael Diliberti and by Anthony Drazan.

The story is about a group of international college grads working in Mexico City at their respective diplomatic embassies.

'By day, they’re slaving away as mailroom assistants getting abused by their bosses. But when they find out they have diplomatic immunity — and they can’t get arrested for anything they do — they go wild with it and live out their fantasies.

'Soon they’re living double lives in the ultimate wish-fulfillment...until it isn’t. They gradually fall into serious danger when they get entangled with a violent and savage group who extort them for their 'get out of jail free' cards,' the official plotline of the movie read.

The project will be produced by Chernin Entertainment. PTI RB RB