Luxury Snob Talks About Building A Reputed Brand By Reselling Products

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What kind of products do you resell? Are there any specific limitations to the product?

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We resell luxury handbags, shoes, Clothes & accessories. We have specific limitations on the products we sell, as we strive to give our clients Some of the best handbags in the preowned Market. Items with high usage or extremely worn , are usually declined. We want our clients to be satisfied with their purchases, so our objective is to sell as if we were buying the items for ourselves personally.

What challenges did you face while starting this business?

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There were many challenges that would arise when I first started this business. Building a brand identity was difficult in the beginning because the first thought was “ Are they the real deal?” It took hard work and consistency to prove that we stood behind our policy, “100% authentic or full money back.”

What do you think is the best aspect of your work?

The Best aspect of my work is being able to provide our clients with some hard to find pieces or items that are no longer available in stores at remarkable prices. Another great factor is that we are able to help so many people get over financial humps with the ability to sell their items. Some people consign their items with Luxurysnob to help pay off debt, Pay for weddings, Buy a new home, & many various other reasons. I'm happy to be able to assist them in cleaning their closets while finding some key gems for our beloved loyal clients.

What key features do you focus on while dealing with the clients?

The key features we keep in mind while dealing with our clients are fast shipping because we know how important it is to have your order received in a timely manner and the impact it can have on a purchase experience. Having great quality products and amazing deals is an important factor for us which is what separates us from other online consignments in the resell market. Being customer centric is very important in our day to day process. Keeping our customers satisfied is our Top priority because without our loyal clients we wouldn’t be able to provide such great finds because leaving a bad taste in clients experience will not warrant them to come back and shop again.

For running a successful business, what factors should one keep in mind or practice regularly?

When running a successful business some important factors to keep in mind is to think like an investor. If you were an investor would you want to invest in your company? As most investors normally like to invest in companies they believe in, you have to operate like one of those companies. This entails remaining consistent, keeping high professionalism at all times in the workplace and during customer interactions.

Where do you see yourself in the upcoming years?

In a couple of years, I see myself growing my brand and opening a pop-up location. Also expanding our items to more brands and different luxury items.

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