Lydia Simonis is a Dancing Queen

lydia simonis

Dance is an art form that is as personal as the performer. Throughout the centuries, dance has been embraced by almost every culture worldwide as a form of self-expression conveying positivity, love, and good energy. Many people turn to dance as a way to interpret their cultures, feelings, and inner self.  Dancer, model and pageant queen Lydia Simonis has embraced dance from a young age, and it’s taken this successful woman quite to the far corners of the world and become part of her success.

Lydia can be accurately described as a dancing queen. Miss Cook Islands 2017, Lydia is both a beauty queen and dancing sensation. With her exotic look from her Russian and Cook Island heritage, Lydia has been delighting audiences on and off stage. Dancing is in her blood. Her father was a professional dancer who tutored her and her sister since the young age of 5. For Lydia, her sister is her natural dance duo. The two share an incredible chemistry that perfectly synchronises in their dance.

Lydia’s dance resume is impressive. “I love to dance,” eloquently states Lydia. “Dancing makes me feel confident, happy, and wholesome as a person.” Her passionate love is dance shows. Lydia is the winner of acclaimed dance competitions worldwide including the Te Eiva Kuki Airani International Solo Dance Competition, Te Maeve Nui Dance Competition, and Best Talent Miss Asia Pacific 2017. Lydia also shares her love of dance with others and taught professional dance in Sydney for over five years.

“Dance is all about self-expression,” explains Lydia. “I am always in the moment when I am dancing, and to me, it’s a very joyful experience.” One look at her social media presence, and it is evident that dance has had a significant impact on her life. Not just when it comes to competition, her love of dance is genuine. It’s reflected in her talent, and she enjoys sharing her passion for everything dance and Cook Islands culture on her dedicated Instagram dance page @lydiasimonisdance.  Lydia will also be releasing an exercise dance video in early 2020.

Lydia is dedicated to her craft and is a passionate ambassador of Cook Island and Pacific Islands Culture. She embraces growing up in a multicultural household. “I am so grateful to have grown up in a home blended with Cook Islands and Russian culture. It made me appreciate where I’ve come from, and I love to express that when I dance.” To Lydia, it’s about gratitude, and this Queen continues to make her mark on the world dancing one step at a time!

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