I’m being tortured mentally, emotionally and physically-Kangana Ranaut

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

Manikarnika star has alleged that she is being tortured mentally, emotionally and physically.

Furthermore, She claimed that she has been asked not to disclose to anyone about the torture she is going through.

Kangana posted a video on her Twitter handle, where she spoke about the cases filed against her and the torture she is facing every single day.

The actress added that we are going back to the medieval age where women were burnt at stake.

In a video, Kangana told, “Ever since I have started speaking for the interest of the nation, the way I being treated and tortured, the entire country can see that. My house was broken in an illegal manner. Everyday new cases are being filed against me because I spoken for the interest of farmers. One case has been filed against me even for laughing. My sister Rangoli has protested against doctors being tortured during the beginning of the pandemic. A case was filed against her and my name also dragged into it, whereas I’m not even on Twitter at that time. Our honourable chief justice Ji has rejected it.”

“I have been ordered to Tajiri at the police station although I don’t know for what reason. I have also been asked not to disclose to anyone or talk about the kind of torture I’m facing. I want to ask the honourable Supreme Court, have we returned to the medieval age where women were burnt alive and their voices were silenced?” Ranaut added.

“People who are having fun and enjoying this situation, I would like to tell them only one thing that the tears of blood that we have shed in our 1,000 years of subordination, that will be repeated once again if nationalist voices are silenced now.” Kangana Concluded.

“Why am I being mentally, emotionally and now physically tortured? I need answers from this nation…. I stood for you it’s time you stand for me …Jai Hind”, tweeted the actress.