Ma Anand Sheela Responds to Possibility of Priyanka Chopra Playing Her in Biopic

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Ma Anand Sheela is a controversial figure of the ’80s who formerly assisted spiritual leader Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho. After the documentary Wild Wild Country on Netflix was released, Sheela seemed to have piqued the interest of the filmmakers who want to make films based on her life.

Recently, a documentary Searching For Sheela, produced by Shakun Batra has been released. Meanwhile, Shakun is working on another series based on Sheela’s life, the time when she was an aide to Osho. Priyanka Chopra too is working on a project based on the same subject.

While in Shakun’s series we might see Alia Bhatt essaying the titular role, Priyanka will herself play the character of Sheela in her project.

Reportedly, Sheela backs Shakun’s project and prefers Alia over Priyanka. She even sent a legal notice to Priyanka asking her to stop the project. Sheelasaid she hasn’t given her permission to make a film on her as she didn’t choose Priyanka.

Talking about Priyanka’s project which will be directed by Barry Levinson, Shakun said as a long-time listener of Osho, he would want both the projects to address larger subjects instead of examining only the ‘superficial’ aspects of Sheela’s life. He added that he is more concerned with ‘trying to understand Osho’ and the “idea of awareness that he constantly spoke about”.

Recently, Sheela opened about Priyanka playing her character in an interview with Film Companion.

As Alia is more likely to star in Shakun’s next series, Sheela revealed how she finds the actress as thebest fit to play her role. She said she looked like Alia in her earlier days and the young actresshas that spunk which is significant to play her character as it comes naturally.

Searching for Sheela will be released on Netflix on April 22.

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