Maa Chandraghanta - 3rd Day of Navratri

Maa Chandraghanta - 3rd Day of Navratri

On the third day of Navratri, Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped. She represents knowledge and bliss and people pray to her for prosperity, success, and peace. It is believed that her blessings eliminate all the bad energies, sins and sufferings from her devotees’ lives. She has a half moon on her forehead in the shape of a bell which gives her the name 'Chandraghanta'. She rides a lion, has ten arms, three eyes and possesses three weapons in her hands that demonstrate bravery and strength.

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Puja Vidhi

On a table, place the Goddess’s idol or picture and then sprinkle some Ganga Jal. On the table, place some water in a brass or sand pot and keep a coconut above it. Make arrangements for giving a bath to the Goddess and keep all items needed for her puja such as clothes, garlands, flowers, bindi, bangles, roli, coconut, fruits etc. Invoke the Goddess and pray to Ishta Devta and at the end, perform the aarti.


Vande Vanchit Labhay Chandrardhkrit Shekharam

Sinharuda Chandraghanta Yashswanim

Manipur Sthitan Tritiya Durga Trinetram

Khang, Gada, Trishool, Chapshar, Padam Kamandalu Mala Varabhitkaram

Patambar Paridhanan Mriduhasya Nanalankar Bhooshitam

Manjeer Haar Keyoor, Kinkini, Ratnakundal Manditam

Praful Vandana Bibadhara Kaant Kapolan Tugan Kucham

Kamniyan Lawanyan Shinkati Nitambaneem

Strota Path

Aapdudhdarini Twahi Aadya Shakti Shubhparam

Animaadi Siddhidatri Chandraghanta Pranmabhyam

Chandramukhi Ishta datri Ishta Mantra Swarupneem

Dhandatri, Aanandatri Chandraghante Pranmabhyaham

Nanaroopdharini Ichhanayi Aishwaryadayneem

Saubhagyarogyadayini Chandraghantpranmabhyaham

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