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Mother India

Nargis Dutt pulling a plough through the field in the epic 1957 film, Mother India, is a classic example of the kind of mother she portrayed on screen to Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar. As the strong mother who went against all hardships to struggle against a conniving money-lender, Nargis became the figure of the ideal woman – one who fought to preserve her moral integrity and to save her sons.
Ironically, Nargis was just 29 years old when she played mother to actors who were her age. That, however, did not take away from the film and Mother India became India’s first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It is still considered as one of the best films worldwide, and one which had audiences weeping and laughing with it.

From Maa to Mom: Bollywood’s ever evolving mothers

Mere paas maa hain”, that iconic line from the movie Dewaar, which became the subject of many jokes, since, epitomised the mother of yesteryear’s Bollywood – sacrificial, weepy, sometimes strong, but mostly made from the same mould. Cut to today and Bollywood’s love affair with its moms continues, albeit in a different avatar. Today’s mothers love the good life, are cheeky, fashionable and revengeful – as both Sridevi and Raveena Tandon showed in their recent films – Maa and Maatr, respectively.

We take a look at how mothers have evolved from the traditional maa to the modern mom.