What Made Nawazuddin Siddiqui Lash Out Against Celebrities Flaunting Their Holiday Pictures Amidst Coronavirus Crisis? Read Here- EXCLUSIVE

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When in an interview with me, Nawazuddin Siddiqui spoke out against celebrities posting holiday pictures, the last thing I expected was his brother to slam him for it. The Tweet mocking Nawaz came as a rude shock. More so, since Nawaz is shooting a film being directed by the brother. What brought this on? Nawaz is clueless. Or if he knows the reason for his outburst, then he didn’t share it with me. When it comes to family, Nawazuddin won’t say a word against them even if they go to town washing dirty linen in public.

Since the controversial interview came out, I’ve been asked how I managed to get Nawazuddin to lash out? The truth is when I asked him about his colleagues flaunting their vacation pictures at a time when civilization is paralyzed by unprecedented recession, I added, “Nawaz, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about this. It’s up to you.”

Nawaz chose to talk about stars flaunting their wealth at a time like this. He spoke out because as a prominent member of the film fraternity he felt ashamed of the excesses that stars indulged in. And then, Nawazuddin's Bhai jumps in. I’ve never understood the sibling dynamics in Bollywood. Somehow I’ve never been able to get along with the relatives of stars.

Sometimes these star-relatives behave more like stars than the star themselves. A veteran actor, a superstar in his own right, has been a dear friend for years. He has always treated me with the utmost love and affection. But his star-daughter is another ball game altogether. After one story that she didn’t like she sent me a text (which I have saved) warning me that she would teach me a lesson. “One Tweet of mine is worth more than everything you’ve ever written,” she declared imperiously.

The problem is, star-relatives have never faced the struggles of the star. They grab the star’s stardom and use it to aggrandize their own self-worth.

So take that, all you star-rishtedars. Learn to restrain yourself. Do not get carried away.

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