Madhur Mittal Was Very Devoted To His Ex-Girlfriend; Actor Says, 'I Hope It Doesn’t Ruin My Career Even Before It Has Begun'- EXCLUSIVE

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Slumdog Millionaire star Madhur Mittal finds himself in the middle of a storm. The actor a few days ago, was booked for sexual assault by Khar police. As per reports, an FIR was filed against Madhur for allegedly barging into his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulting her. Now according to recent developments, Madhur Mittal has been granted interim protection from arrest by the Mumbai court. An application for anticipatory bail was filed by the actor, according to which he said he had proposed to his girlfriend in December when he had visited her in Goa.

So what went wrong? When I reached out to Madhur Mittal he refrained from commenting. All he was willing to say on record was, “As the matter is sub judice, my lawyers have advised me to refrain from any interaction with the media till the law takes its course. And I’ve faith that the truth shall prevail. I’ve never been in a situation like this in my life before. I just hope that it doesn’t ruin my career even before it has begun properly.”

A source very close to Mittal told me, “He is under extreme stress, not for himself but his family who are deeply embarrassed and scared. His legal fees are way beyond what he earns as an actor. This is a lady Madhur wanted to marry and would have done absolutely anything for. Even if his name is cleared who will compensate him for all the monetary and mental stress?’

Madhur Mittal shot to fame as Salim in Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, playing Dev Patel’s elder brother. His career did not take off thereafter. In 2014 Madhur was seen in Disney's Million Dollar Arm which was received well. He was last seen in the Raveena Tandon rape-and-revenge drama Matr which flopped. Madhur is known among his friends as kind, sincere, caring. “He was very devoted to his girlfriend. We don’t know what went wrong,” a friend of his reveals.

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