Madhuri Dixit's Maar Dala Called Elli AvrRam To Bollywood But Daddy Dearest Continued To Throw Spanners- EXCLUSIVE

Last evening, I had a long chat with Elli AvrRam in camera- which I shall bring it to you soon. The conversation drifted to many topics including what in Bollywood made Elli come all the way from Sweden.

To start with, Elli said that she was never passionate about Swedish cinema. "I remember getting drawn to Bollywood films when I first saw a Hindi movie that showed a couple singing a song in a bus. I was transported into another world. I felt I should try my luck in Bollywood.

I tied a knot that Bollywood it is, for me. Madhuri's Maar Dala song from Devdas reaffirmed my decision."

But Daddy Dearest (Mr AvrRAm) tried every trick in the book to dissuade Elli from leaving. Elli realised and argued with him, but he was not ready to listen. The rest, as they say, is history.


Today, Elli has worked in a good number of films and has now migrated to TV shows as well. Soon, she will be seen in Inside Edge Season 2. 

Image Source:- pinterest/instagram/elliavrram_universe

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