A 'Maggi Food Counter' at This Wedding is How Twitter Wants Every Marriage Celebration to Be

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As much as Indians fixate over food, there’s quite a following for a certain fast-food brand of noodles – Maggi! This fondness is up to the level where it can be safely declared that India is obsessed with this instant noodle and one recent incident has confirmed it. Another wedding has taken the online world by storm for having a unique 'Maggi' food counter for their guests.

A tweet shared by a user with Twitter handle @somyalakhani revealed how much she loved her cousin for putting-up a live counter that was exclusively dedicated to dishing out the instant noodles to the guests at her wedding. She also shared a photo of the counter.

The post went viral on Twitter as it racked up close to 1,200 likes and several reactions and responses from users.

One user was quick to guess that this counter must have been the most popular counter at the wedding.

Another instant noodle fan wished and wrote that every wedding had a Maggi counter.

Asking for such a dish to be ‘normalised,’ and to be made a regular feature among other wedding delicacies served, wrote a third.

Another user termed the counter as ‘game-changer’.

While several many others wanted to know the wedding took place and were eager to join the party. Several others inquired if the instant noodles could be customised according to their tastes

Meanwhile, Indian weddings aren’t the same in the Covid era. Since the coronavirus pandemic made its presence felt around the world, the grand Indian wedding affairs too had to undergo a huge change just like every other business. Due to social distancing measures in place, the new wedding trend is to invite limited guests and have fewer ceremonies to have more intimate celebrations – a stark contrast from the once grand and lavish affair that involved having hundreds of guests. As much as the Indian weddings are celebrated and known for the plethora of ceremonies and customs performed; it is also known for the lavish spread of food served amidst these ceremonies.

In the new normal another unique concept has emerged where food can be ordered in limited batches for the virtual attendees. Recently, a couple got wedding food delivered to their guests’ doorstep which allowed them not only to enjoy the sumptuous food but also virtually partake in the wedding ceremony. All without ever leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.