Magician Keelan Leyser's shares magical tricks to win the audience's hearts

Keelan Leyser's magical acts have successfully managed to blow away a lot of people minds including several popular personalities. He is an international key-note

speaker and performer specialised in technology. His work is based on magic illusions, utilising smart devices and iPads, drones, virtual Reality, artificial intelligence and robotics. Keelan shares with us the tricks he has learnt while dealing with the VIPs.

Keelan says that one must grab attention as VIPs are busy people who normally with a lot in their mind. He says that usually they are thinking of several things at a time so one must grab their attention with a short, succinct and powerful opening line.

He second trip he shares is that one myst communicate confidently and know their subject. Keelan says, make sure you are confident in your subject be prepared with what you are going to say and whatever you do, don’t baffle. He added that if the VIP is interested they will ask you more questions.

The third trick Keelan shares is one must be memorable. Keelan says, most people don’t remember a lot of what we say but they will remember if what you do is strikingly visual. The more outstandingly visual your presentations are the more memorable you will be.

His fourth trick is one should implement the triple ‘I’ approach. Keelan says, use your innovation, intelligence and intuition to win over the VIP and be prepared to change direction at a moment’s notice if the VIP starts to inject their own ideas and thoughts.

Keelan's fifth trick is to keep your promise. He says that you shouldn't promise what you can’t deliver, don’t oversell yourself if you can’t deliver the goods, it’s always best to undersell and impress by over delivering.

Have backups, Keelan says about his sixth trick. He added that not everything goes to plan so have backups and backups of those backups so you are prepared for any twist and turn in the conversation or presentation.

Keelan Leyser says he follows this guideline as a basis for all his shows and presentations too, Keelan said, “When you are speaking at a show or conference, sometimes to as many as 5000 people, everyone in the audience should be considered a VIP and should get the same treatment. It so far has never failed me."

Keelan Leyser often performs in India and has spoken for many Indian companies like Godrej and Hindustan Unilever.