Maha: Another cub of tigress Bhakti dies in zoo

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Aurangabad Apr 15 (PTI) One more cub of tigress Bhakti died in Siddharth Zoo in Maharashtra's Aurangabad, an official said on Thursday.

A few days back, a sibling of this cub had died in the zoo after it was crushed under the tigress's feet, he said.

The tigress had given birth to two white cubs on April 3, the zoo official said in a release. As Bhakti did not feed the cubs after birth, the zoo officials had arranged for goat milk, and a team had been put in place to check on their health over the next few days. One of the cubs later came under her feet and died on April 10.

The second one died on April 14 and its last rites were performed on Thursday in the presence of officials.