Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 20th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Mall and Mani find Mahalsa while she refuses to acknowledge Ganga

Eva Abraham
Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 20th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Mahalsa feels angry when she sees Ganga but Marthand proposes and she accepts to amrry him.

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts with Shiv (Saurabh Raaj Jain) telling Ganga that now is the time a sister should get ready to meet her sister. Mahalsa (Pooja B Sharma) sits dreaming about Marthand as there is a smile on her face as she watches the Nataraj statue. Her mother notices her and is relived as she remembers seeing Shiv in Marthand. Her mother asks her who the person was and if she knew him. She says that she knows the person yet does not and she feels he is someone quite near her when she watches him. Her mother is confused and asks her to elaborate as she says that she does not know where all this started and where this would end, yet she knows that she is a part of it. Mani and Mall walk in search of Mahakali and Mall shows Mani a instrument which he has created to search for Parvati. Mani walks inside the instrument to look at the instrument. Mall says that this is the easiest way to get to Mahakali as he has craeted this by the strebgth of Kali. (Also Read: Nataraj takes Apasmar down while Mahalsa creates Nataraj idol)

Mahalsa is confused as he mother has cooked so much and seems like she has invited some guests. Her mother says that she just wants to feed whoever comes to their house that day as she has seen something very bad on Mahalsa today and she does not want that to happen again. Mahalsa happily teases her mother and lies down on her lap when suddenly Marthand walks in. Marthand says he has one more person with him and Ganga too walks in. Parvati feels a vague distress on seeing her. Shiv asks again if both of them are invited and Mahalsa’s mother invites them in even as Mahalsa is silent.Ganga begins to fall as Shiv holds her and this instigates anger in Parvati further. Kartikeyan is worried about his mother’s anger while Ganesh is hopeful that this is only for the betterment as this anger will remind her of herself. Mani enters the instrument and activates it. He sees Parvati and screams. ganga asks Mahalsa to sit with Marthand for dinner. She resists but then gives in. She is happy to see him eating as Ganga has tears of joy in her eyes.

Mahalsa is concerned about Ganga but she says she is just happy. Mahalsa hears Mani calling out to her and walks away disturbed. She sits infront of Shivling and thinks how she keeps feeling that someone is calling out to her. As she speaks to Shiv Marthand walks to her. She says that she feels all confused. Marthand says that probably she has a very special relationship with Shiv. She suddenly remembers herself speaking to Shiv and she gets confused. Marthand asks her to sleep as the next day begins the end of all darkness. Manni and Marthand celebrate him seeing Mahalsa. Thy now search for the place where she is. Mahalsa’s mother speaks to her father and tells him about Marthand. Her father feels happy to know about Marthand. Mahalsa asks her mother about Marthand.

Marthand waits for Mahalsa at the river side. Narayan, Kartikeyan, Ganesh and Ganesh accompany him. Narayan says that he is awaiting the wedding of Shiv and Shakti. Ganga says that before Mall and Mani find their way to Parvati they need to get the two married. Mahalsa walks to them as Ganga wants to leave. Shiv stops her and asks her to wait there. Mahalsa crosses the two and fills water as Marthand asks her why she is here when she is scared of river. Mahalsa says that she is not scared but just she does not understand the reason why the river is called sacred. Martand explains to Mahalsa the reason and asks her why it should not be sacred. Mahalsa refuses to acknowledge the importance. She hears the sound of chaos and runs to the region. as she sees Aghoris striking war at the village. She fights them killing them all and Marthand helps her.

Gnaga jumps in to support, towards the end though Ganga falls and Marthand runs to her rescue angering Mahalsa. Mahalsa walks away angry. Marthand snatches her sword as he asks her to express her anger when she feels it and also asks her if she is shielding some other feelings behind this anger. They fight as Marthand keeps instigating her more. Finally she accepts feeling angry when he gives so much importance to Banai(Ganga).  Marthand says that Ganga is important to him and will remain but there is someone else who is even more important than himself and he wants to marry the person. He proposes Mahalsa and asks her to marry him. Mhalsa is happy and she accepts. Mani finds Mahalsa and wants to get her.

Mahalsa’s parents accept the proposal. Ganga gets Narayan and Laxmi in the form of Pandit. Laxmi hugs Mahalsa congratulates her. Mhalsa feels she knows them from before. Narayan says that he is her brother. Narayan decides the marriage time. Narayan says the marriage can be done today itself. Ganesh arrives with Kartikeyan as they say they will arrange everything for the wedding. Mahalsa is dressed up as a bride for the wedding and she feels very happy. Mnai screams for Mahalsa and reach Mahalsa’s house as the rush inside.