Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 13th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Apasmar makes Mahalsa forget her real self as Shiv decides to intervene

Eva Abraham
Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai 13th January 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Mahalsa meets Marthand also Gunesh who help her complete vessels

Mahakali -Anth Hi Aarambh Hai starts with Parvati(Pooja B Sharma) in her Mahalsa form killing a asur as she tells him that a woman is powerful. Vinayak refuses to eat food as he is reminded of his mother and he thinks that he wants his father Shiv (Saurabh Raaj Jain)  to awaken and bring his mother home. Karthikeyan tries in vain to comfort him. Narayan informs them all that Shiv will take the form of Marthand so he can put an end to Mall and Mani. Mahalsa sits thinking that she feels that something is going to take place in her life soon. Shiv walks in and takes form of Marthand as he thinks that their wait is over now and it is time for him to reunite with Mahalsa. Mahalsa’s mother worries about her and as she walks in she scolds her for fighting the surs and she says that they are just human and also just woman. She repeats the sentence that as Mhaakali she also had said. She sits preparing the vessels as her mother is still angry. Mall’s men inform him about a fighter who had immense strength and also that he did not see the face of the fighter. Mall is now very angry as he wants to find out about the warrior.

Mani misses Paravti as he screams and thinks about how to search for her. Mahalasa is unable to complete the vessels and she worries about her mother being more angry. Suddenly she sees Marthand walking towards her and she is left spellbound as she looks at him. She threatens him as she realises that he is not from the village. He sits down making the vessels as she makes him talk. He says he is here to help her and tells her his name as Marthand. Mahalsa puts forward a challenge before him to make 40 vessels and he does that in a jiffy as he says that the rest will be completed by his servant. Vinayak is disturbed that his mother could not recognise his father. Karthikeyan asks Vinayak to stop worrying and let his father handle it all. Vinayak refuses to go and takes form of Gunesh as he says he is Marthand’s servant and he will go to mother to finish the rest of the work. He also says that he is his mother’s creation and she will not ever forget him. Mahalsa sees Gunesh and Gunesh is lost for a moment in his mother.(Also Read: Parvati decides to punish Mall-Mani while Shiv warns them both)

Guneshs says that he is making something else and he has already finished her job. Gunesh starts making and he makes a plate and puts small balls of mud on it. He asks Mahalsa to do the same. He tells her the story of how Parvati made modaks for him. As he tells her then name modak she is suddenly taken aback but still remembers nothing. Later she asks Gunesh tom wash his hands and Gunesh stares on at his mother. She asks him who his mother is and this brings Gunesh to tears and he runs away. He runs to his father and cries saying how his mother can forget him. Shiv calms Vinayak and Karthikeyan saying it is impossible that Parvati forgets her children.Mall is happy that Mahalsa remembers nothing and says that till they allow it will not happen. Mll says that they have a great power against Kaali. Apasmaar walks in saying that as Kaali keeps forgetting herself he will get more and more powerful. Shiv is aware of this power that is not allowing Parvati to remember anything. Shiv talks about Apasmar to Karthikeyan and Vinayak. Mahalsa remembers Marthand and his words but she finds it difficult to remind herself as she cannot remmebers his name. Apasmar is in action and Shiv decides to punish him now.Narayan tells Karthikeyan and Vinayak that to maintain the balance in the world they cannot kill Apasmar.