Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2021: Wishes, Images and Why is it Celebrated Twice a Year?

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If we talk about brave fighters of India, Maharana Pratap’s name will definitely be on that list. Pratap was the 13th king of Mewar and is regarded as the bravest Indian ruler by many. He fought several fights against the Mughals, but the most difficult of them all was the Battle of Haldighati, which took place on June 18, 1576. His name is a synonym for bravery and Pratap’s jayanti (birthday) is marked as a day to celebrate his valour and courage that defied any odds coming his way.

Interestingly, Maharana Pratap’s Jayanti is celebrated twice a year by his followers. While most people celebrate his Jayanti on May 9 of every year, some celebrate it according to the Hindu calendar.

According to the English calendar, Pratap Jayanti falls on May 9 but many people, especially in Rajasthan, celebrate it on the third day of the Jyeshtha Shukla of the Vikram Samvat calendar.

Hence, like any other Hindu festival such as Ramnavmi or Diwali, this date of Pratap Jayanti changes every year. In 2021, Pratap Jayanti will be celebrated on June 13. Additionally, his birth anniversary is a public holiday in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Here are some interesting facts about Pratap’s birthdate discovery in various calendars:

  • The first known reference of Pratap’s birth date was found in Abul Fazal’s book Akbar Nama that mentions his birth date according to the Hijri calendar.

  • The first reference in Vikram Samvat can be traced in the book Rawal Rana Baat authored by a Charan Poet in 1710 A.D.

  • The English date of Pratap’s birth date was calculated by the British historian James Tod in his book Annala and Antiquities of Rajasthan.

  • According to Haldigathi Museum, Pratap was born on May 9, 1540, which was the third day of the Jyeshtha Shukla in that year, so, it was fixed as his birth date in the English calendar.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti Wishes:

  • Take inspiration from the heroic story of Maharana Pratap who never surrendered to the Mughals and fought for what belonged to him and his people. Warm wishes on Maharana Pratap Jayanti.

  • Let us take inspiration from the strength and courage of Maharana Pratap Singh and fight for the honour of your country at all times. Happy Maharana Pratap Jayanti.

  • On the occasion of Maharana Pratap Jayanti, may his tales of bravery and strength inspire you.

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