Maher Aslan’s Way Of Becoming A Prominent Hairdresser

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To be the man with eminence, you have to work diligently towards your ambitions, and Maher Aslan knows this better than anyone else. As one of the most famous hairdressers in the industry, Aslan remains on his toes, and he keeps moving to different places to attend several events.

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Maher Aslan is the brand ambassador of Mounir hairdressing products and Seamless 1. Aslan’s way of becoming a prominent hairdresser has never been easy, but it has inspired several people around him.

Aslan’s Journey

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Maher was always interested in styling. During the early phases of his childhood, he wanted to be a police officer. But after attending the police school in Hanover, Aslan realised that his passion doesn’t lie here. After arranging a small internship in the same salon where he did his apprenticeship, Maher realised his love for hairdressing.

Aslan worked hard and sharpened his skills while working for the small salon. After being trained for the management position, Maher became the manager of a small salon of the hairdressing chain. This is when his odyssey of becoming an expert in the trend techniques of balayage and ombre begun.

How He Became Successful?

Maher’s adherence to his passion helped him to become successful in life. When asked about success, Maher said that” There comes a moment in life, when you start realising what you are meant for, and that’s when your voyage to success will begin.” In spring 2017, Maher Aslan came up with his salon named Maher Aslan Premium Salon.

Maher has strived for years to make his own brand. By partnering up with Artan Kalisi, he started giving training sessions throughout Germany. Today, he travels to several hairdressing events such as Hairexpo in Sydney and masterclass shows by Mounir. Life didn’t hand him success on a silver platter. Aslan has strived hard for his achievements, and he got what he deserved.

Forthcoming Plans

Maher Aslan organises the “Inspire Me” event for people who cannot afford the hairdressing training. This year, he plans to organise the same event, but Aslan has decided to donate everything to a charity. Even after being at the height of success, he doesn’t forget his roots, making him the prominent hairdresser.