Mahhi Vij: "Daughter's Name Will Start With M Or T, She Looks A Mix Of Jay And Me"- EXCLUSIVE


It's all happening at the Bhanushali household. The new mother is dancing in the aisles. The new father is on the moon.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Many, Many Congratulations!

Thank you so much.

I don't want to ask you the most obvious question. Being a parent myself, I fully understand...

'How are you feeling?' Wahi na? (Laughs). Don't even ask.


Well, naam socha?

We are going with our Pandit. It will start with either T or M.

Go with M. M for Mahhi...

(Laughs) Let's see.

You guys must have started shopping a lot for the baby...

Everything was done much before the delivery. Also, a lot of gifts had started coming after I entered my sixth month.


Did Jay record the delivery?



Well, as soon as I heard the cry, I asked 'What is it?'. Jay screamed 'Baby'. I was still not clear whether he means a baby girl or baby boy. The doctor quickly chipped in, "It's a girl".


And then you guys met a weird couple who did not congratulate you after asking whether you had delivered a girl or boy!

Yes, weird is the word for them. Jay put out an Insta post on that. I am deeply saddened to know that sons are still preferred over daughters in our country and it is not happening just in small towns. It is a myth that it doesn't happen in big cities in India. Abhi tak, many of us have not changed. It is just that we have learned to slightly hide our old, ingrained, irrational beliefs.

You deleted the post (SEE BELOW) wherein you sharply answered the trolls who were commenting on your weight gain...

Yes I did, you see I don't want any negativity. It would have perhaps otherwise snowballed into yet another controversy for me. As it is, people say anything to each other on social media.


I have still not forgotten the way some Internet users reacted against me when I put out the post regarding Bakri Id (SEE POST BELOW). They even made it into a Hindu Muslim thing. They said they would have slapped me if I was not pregnant. They said 'Don't teach us when you yourself eat non-veg'. They abused me what not. 

Isn't it time we learn to be in happy space and stop plotting and scheming against each other? Isn't it time to realise we are going wrong?


And whom does Junior Mahhi look like?

(Laughs)  A mix of Jay and me.

Image Source:- instagram/ijaybhanushali/ mahhivij / dishasandesh

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