Mahira Sharma On Akanksha Puri’s Allegations: ‘I Don’t Know When She Saw A Love Bite On My Body’

Waiz Ahmed

Bigg Boss 13 finalist Paras Chhabra and actress Akanksha Puri's breakup has been making headlines for quite some time now. The duo's relationship hit the rocks when Paras made some shocking statements against his girlfriend in the BB house. This was also accompanied by him getting really close with co-contestant Mahira Sharma on the show.

For the uninitiated, in an earlier interview, Akanksha had raised questions about Mahira's growing intimacy with Paras whilst suggesting that it was more than friendship. She had said, "What they are doing happens between couples. Especially, the intimate gestures, the love bites that he is giving Mahira, happens between couples. I think Mahira must be having friends who do such stuff but I don't have."

And now, Mahira in an interview with TOI has expressed her displeasure over Puri's remarks whilst making it clear that she had no role in Paras and Akanksha's breakup. Mahira said, "I wanted to make one thing very clear that had I been the reason behind Paras and Akanksha's breakup I would have been his girlfriend today. I am a very straightforward person when it comes to relationships whether it is with friends or a partner. I was very clear that he was already involved with someone and being a girl I can respect another girl's feelings."

She went on to add, "I don't know when Akanksha saw a love bite on my body. There was an incident when Sidharth was teasing me and we were having fun. I had an allergy and he joked, saying that I had a love bite on my neck. I even tried to stop him but he carried on with his joke. I feel it's okay when friends pull each other's leg or joke. But I always knew that people who are watching outside will assume things and will actually feel that I had got a love bite."

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