MAJOR To Release 2 Weeks Before KGF 2: Adivi Sesh Speaks On Playing Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan In Biopic, 'It's Perhaps The Most Meaningful Role I Have Done' - EXCLUSIVE

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Your film Major is being released two weeks ahead of KGF2. Is that a planned strategy?

We weren’t completely sure of the dates of event films. But having a two week gap is always welcome

Now that Major is complete, how do you look back on the experience?

Major isn’t complete. We still have two schedules to go and we are planning to finish them up before March. We have had the opportunity to do some amount of simultaneous post production

Is this your toughest role?

It definitely has been tough and Major Sandeep is perhaps the most meaningful role I have ever done.

Do you think audiences are ready to return to movie theatres?

No doubt about it. The Telugu Box office was roaring this Sankranti and I have no doubt that Hindi audiences are feeling the same way. Still important to be masked up

So far only Vijay’s Tamil film Master has cracked the boxoffice after the Lockdown?

That’s not quite the truth. The Telugu film Krack has become Ravi Teja Sir’s biggest hit ever. The Telugu film Red has also made nice profits. Three Telugu films at the Sankranti BO have been extremely profitable along with the success of Master of course

Loads of biopics on war heroes. Is there a danger of overkill?

Are they? I’ve only been focused on our story. About telling it well. Either way, I’m glad we are first in line then.

Image source: IMDb

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