If a Religion Worships Cows, You Can’t Slaughter Them: Kangana

After taking pot-shots at liberals in a recent chat with Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru Jaggi, Kangana Ranaut said that she stands by everything she spoke.

"Spirituality is the need of the hour. The idea was to have a discussion on relevant issues. People are malnourished in this country, they have no access to education; their basic needs are not met. I think the so-called liberals are indulgent with an entitled world view,” said Kangana in an interview with Mid-day.

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In her chat with Sadhguru, she had spoken about a scene in her upcoming biopic, Manikarnika based on Rani Laxmibai, where the titular character is seen saving a cow, was changed. A crew member suggested that it would make them look like ‘cow saviours’. Speaking on “cow lynchings”, she had said,

"You have to save the cow for sure, because the prejudice is agonising. But a cow lynching takes place and you look like an idiot and then you jump to the other side, which has always been criticising and never wanting to be protecting the cows and you’re like these people look sensible and these are so-called liberals."

In her chat with Sadhguru, she had also said that she was "heartbroken" at the lynchings, she also agreed with Sadhguru when he insinuated that those who debate over the violence "have not seen India" and "are living in cities and endlessly talking about these things".

When asked if she’s normalising “lynchings”, she told Mid-day,

"We didn’t normalise lynching at any point. If a certain religion worships cows, you can’t slaughter cows. I am vegan and I can’t see raw meat. I can’t be shamed for my choices. If it’s a sentimental thing, why instigate people?"

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Kangana also spoke about subscribing to nationalism to stay together as a country.

"The earlier Government played on dividing basis majority and minority because the latter sticks together and votes flock in. The truth is majorities run the risk of being wiped out by the minority-friendly governments. Governments can't be partial to either side. Our religions are beautiful, but we must subscribe to nationalism to bind us together. These self-proclaimed liberals are b***ardising nationalist sentiment," she told Mid-day.

(Source: Mid-day)

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