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Practise gratitude:

It is easy to lament about everything that goes wrong. However, by looking around at your gains rather than losses, and by being grateful for all those that give you joy, no matter how small they are, you will be able to see increased levels of happiness. There are many ways to practice gratitude in your daily lives - you can keep a journal where you write about five things that you are grateful about. You can also send little letters, mails or messages thanking those who you are grateful to. Apart from writing down what you are grateful for, you can also visualise them – keep your eyes closed and think about 5-10 things that you are grateful for every day. The positivity you get out of this will rewire your mind into a happier one. Image credit: Image by June Laves from Pixabay

Make mental health a priority this New Year with these 10 tips

Do you remember the last time you stopped and asked yourself – am I feeling alright mentally, am I happy or am I too stressed? Most of us make New Year resolutions about finally hitting the gym, losing xyz kilos or going for that long pending daily walk – all very important for our physical health. But, how many of us decide to make our mental health a priority?

As per research by the World Health Organisation, one in five Indians will suffer from some kind of mental health issues by 2020, with depression being one of the biggest causes. However, the stigma associated with mental health problems makes it difficult to come out and say that there is an issue, mentally. And when we do, it is also often too late.

So, this year, let us resolve to make our mental health as much a priority as our physical health. Here are 10 ways in which you can focus on your mental health: