Make-up artist carries out appointment through letterbox to avoid coronavirus in hilarious video

A hilarious video has shown a make-up artist carrying out an appointment through a letterbox to avoid contact in the coronavirus outbreak.

Tracy Graham, 35, feared that she wouldn't be able to carrying on doing appointments if she were to self-quarantine.

So she has come up with a funny way to keep her customers happy - by giving them a makeover through her letterbox.

In a tongue-in-cheek video shared to TikTok, she can be seen doing a test where she feeds a brush through to powder her nose on the other side.

A make-up artist has hilariously tested whether she can continue to carry out appointments if people were to self-quarantine [Image: SWNS]

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Tracy, from Plymouth in Devon, said: "I'm a make up artist and with the coronavirus going around I decided to have a bit of a laugh.

"I got my brushes and put them through the letter box to do makeup on the other side.

"I'd have to avoid contact to not get coronavirus, but this wouldn't really work - I only did it as a bit of a laugh.

"I managed to apply some make up, but I didn't do a very good job - no one would really do it this way."

Tracy Graham posted a funny video of her attempt to get around the problem to TikTok [Image: SWNS]

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The make-up artist, who runs Makeup by Tracy, said that she isn't too worried about catching the virus, but is concerned about the impact of self-isolating.

Tracy said: "I'm not too worried about catching coronavirus, I guess it would just be like the flu or a bad cold.

"I'm more worried about everything closing - but you've just got to get on with it haven't you?"

Since uploading her video to TikTok, it has so far been watched more than 10,000 times.

She added: "It's had lots of likes on Facebook and has gone viral on TikTok. It will continue to go up, so far it's at about 10,500 views."