What Makes a Dog Treat Healthy?


There isn’t much that most dog owners wouldn’t do to ensure that their beloved pooch is living his or her best life every single day! Many pet parents make the health and well-being of their four-legged friends a top priority, sometimes even putting their pooches’ needs and interests before their own! If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide whose heart is completely wrapped around the paw of a special pup, it goes without saying that you do the best you can to make sure your furry pal gets only the very best in food, treats, and supplies.

But what actually constitutes “healthy” in the world of dog treats? After all, if they’re stocking them on the shelves of reputable pet stores and big-box retailers, as well as being carried by online shopping giants like Chewy and Amazon, they must be healthy, right? Actually, not only can a number of these treats be unhealthy for your dog by promoting weight gain and offering little to no nutritional benefit, but some of them, like rawhide chews, can be downright dangerous for your pooch! Here’s how to tell if the dog treats, you’re giving your best friend are actually good for them.


  • Check the Ingredients 


Just like with human food, dog food and treats come with nutrition labels. These labels give consumers all the information they need to know about the treats they are purchasing for their favorite pets, including a list of the ingredients used to make the treats. Try to choose dog treats that are made with 100% all-natural, whole ingredients so you can be sure your pup is getting what he or she needs to stay healthy and happy.


  • MEAT, not “meat!”


Yes, we know that many dog treats on the market include words like “beef,” “bacon,” and “chicken,” but few treats actually contain more than a tiny percentage of the real thing! While a number of dog treat manufacturers use animal by-products instead of whole meats, others bypass meat altogether in favor of artificial flavoring! When shopping for meat-based dog treats, keep this rule of thumb in mind: the fewer ingredients listed, the better!


  • Extend Health Trends to Your Dog


You’ve certainly heard the buzz about hemp as a beneficial ingredient in food and personal care products. In fact, you may have some hemp-based foods or products in your cupboards or medicine cabinet right now! But did you also know that hemp dog treats are trending? That’s right- dog moms and dads everywhere swear by hemp treats for dogs, claiming that they help lessen anxiety and ease arthritis and joint pain in senior dogs, among other things. 

Final Words

You love your dog and only want the best for him or her, but sometimes it can be hard to determine whether the treats you’re buying are healthy. By using these guidelines next time, you purchase dog treats, you can have peace of mind that doggo is getting the best of everything!

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