Makes for a nice weekend read

Book: Your Truth or Mine?

Author: Trisha Saklhecha

Publisher: Macmillan

Pages: 488; Price: Rs 499

The title intrigues you. There is no doubt about it. And like the title, the book itself is quite a read if you are fond of a good mix of mystery and family drama with a dash of romantic entanglement put in. Trisha Saklhecha’s debut novel Your Truth or Mine? is a good beginning for someone who is confused if he or she wants to read a good romantic drama or a thriller.

Mia and Roy Kapoor are quite the ideal couple though with their own issues. Mia’s sister’s wedding triggers issues which go way beyond their understanding. Young and filled with ambitions, dark secrets start tumbling while their marriage starts unravelling. Roy’s colleague Emily disappears and he is the prime suspect.

While the mystery deepens, Mia has her own issues to deal with, with regards her dead father, troubles with her mother, in-law issues and more.

The novel goes back and forth, while dealing with these questions and keeps you hooked. While solving the twists that are interspersed with the drama happening in the lives of the young Kapoors, you travel between Rajasthan and UK. For a debut novelist, Trisha has kept the pace well though at times, you wish the drama could have been a tad less. The pace of the novel is not bad at all but considering it is neither a thriller nor drama, keeping it a bit tight would be welcoming.

But the jumps are not at all jerky and you keep on turning the pages to know what happens next. It is a young book for readers of any age. You understand Mia’s struggles with her family history and also her deepening distance from Roy. You travel with her in her journey.

While keeping the language simple, she gets you involved in the mystery and the minds of the characters. Your Truth or Mine? can be your travel buddy or a Saturday evening read. Pick it up if light reading is your kind of thing.